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Toyota bB from Algys Autos Supplied UK Registered

The Toyota BB was first manaufactured and introduced into the Japanese marketplace from year 2000. The first generation was manufactured from year 2000-2005 and was designed on the chassis base of the Toyota Vitz; one of the most popular vehicles being sold within the Japanese marketplace at that time. The Toyota BB came in 2x engine sizes; 1300cc and 1500cc petrol.

In 2005 the second generation was introduced and broadly speaking was similar but with new more modern styling and upgraded trim levels. There was a special edition Aerotourer manufactured in 2008 which was a fully Chocolate Coloured special edition.

Some Technical Specifications of the Toyota bB:

Toyota BB Technical Specifications

Toyota BB First Generation from Year 2000 to 2005

first generation Toyota BB year 2002 5x door with 1500cc engine

Toyota BB Second Generation Year 2005 onwards

second generation model Toyota BB shown here at teh Tokyo Motor show

The Toyota BB for Sale Sipplied UK Registered via Algys Autos Import Scheme

So, Here's the situation: You want to purchase a low mileage, good specification, good condition Toyota BB as a fresh Japanese used Car Import. You want it UK registered and done all for you with no hassle. You have searched and visited UK car showrooms and found either 'junk' or the prices are just exorbitant. They are also quite rare to find within the UK, I'm right aren't I? So it is obvious that if YOU could go to Japan, choose your car and import it yourself you would have the perfect car at a price that cannot UK compare. Yes of course, but that's just not possible.... Enter Algy's Autos. We are a Major car Importer with Offices and garages in Japan, Cyprus and the UK. We have been considered the No1 used car Importer in the UK for over 17 years. We will source, inspect and purchase your Toyota BB for you. We will then import it in your name and do all that is required and UK Register it for you at our Bristol Garage; we can even deliver to your home address! Algys Autos represent almost all the major Japan Exporters and Garage outlets, we will find exactly what you require at the best possible prices!

To understand more how Algys Autos can supply you a Toyota bB direct from Japan and UK registered at the best possible prices

please see our Import Scheme link here....Algys Autos Import Scheme for the Toyota BB for sale

Here is a year 2001 Toyota BB, imported via Algys Autos via the Import Scheme:

1st generation model Interior of 1st generation The clock assembly of the 1st generation model 2995 OTR UK

1500cc Automatic, 5x Door, 66,000 miles, aircon etc. It is now sold but similar can be sourced for you.

We have access to over 40 Toyota Bb at just 1 of our Japan Suppliers! The 1500cc VVti engine The important bit..NO Rust! We have over 40 Toyota Bb available at just 1 of our Japan Garages. See the underside of the car, notice anything missing? NO Rust. This is why knowledgeable people import! Years of trouble free motoring, no need for yearly Mot welding and patching panels. Peace of mind.

You simply will not find better value anywhere in the UK for freshly Imported Toyota BB as Algys Autos are the Major Importer and Supplier. All cars supplied direct from Japan and UK registered for you at the best possible prices!! email anytime for advice: Toyota BB for sale enq Email from Here

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Your search for the best value Toyota BB for sale direct from Japan and supplied UK registered has ended here, Algys Autos Imports Ltd!!