Algys Autos Ltd supply quality Nissan Figaro, Toyota Hilux Surf, Toyota Estima, Mazda Bongo, Nissan Figaro, Nissan Pao, Toyota Granvia, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Escargot (Nissan S Cargo) and Ford Freda at exceptional prices.

F. A. Q.s

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Listed below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), if the answer to your question is not here send an e-mail, we normally reply within 2 hours.

Q1. The cars look great but buying via the Internet is a bit risky. How do I know Algy's Autos exists and is not just a well run spoof or con?

A1. Feel free to contact either our Garage in Bristol (Established over 20 years) 01179 382542 or us direct Via Freefone 0800 634 7576

Q2 I see the prices seem very low comapred to other retailers, why is that?

A2. We are the UK Importer and Supplier, we are not a forecourt. By coming to us you are cutting out all the others services that enter into the equation after importation. we supply the vehicles UK Registered at cost price plus a Commission fee. No additional fees or Vat. Learn more and see how it can be done. Algys Autos were the founder of the Import Scheme over 17 years ago. many have tried to copy and even call it the Import Scheme thinking it was a Govt made scheme! We founded it and continue to be the only true importer and seller of cars via the Import Scheme


Q3. What does the Import Scheme include in the price?

A3. The Import Scheme price includes: Cost of car in Japan, all Documentation and proceedures in Japan, Transportation to Japan Docks, Freight to UK, UK Vat, Duties and Port fees, Collection from UK Port, Conversions, IVA, Mot (Subject to pass), Registration, Road tax, Numberplates. In short everything that is needed to legally put your car on the road registered to you in the UK.


Q4. What additional charges are there on the advised price via the Import Scheme?

A4. None on the advised price except the commission to us (£350 + Vat @ 17%) and any possible work for mot pass if it fails. The actual price is often lower than that of the extimated one.


Q5 If I use the Import Scheme, what kind of savings am I likely to make?

A5. It clearly depends on the individual car but suffice to say we are talking hundreds or thousands depending on the value of the car. A typical £6000 car OTR UK will be a saving of £1500. Obviously well worth the effort.

Q6 I can see the quality of the cars appears First Class. Are the photographs the actual vehicles for sale or libabry photos, just how good are they?

A6. The photographs are the actual vehicle for sale; we do not use 'Library' Photos. The cars are all exceptional condition. Don't just take our word for it, feel free to contact any of the past customers that have entered coments in the guest-book on the Home Page.

Q7 What if the car fails its Mot and is not on the Import Scheme?

A7 That's rare but if it does and the car is purchased via the Import Scheme then any Mot work is undertaken for you at the Bristol Garage but payable by you the customer.

Q8.Can I purchase a warranty with the car?

A8. Yes, all our cars are elligable for a Supreme Gilt Warranty of upto 3 years purchased via us, conditions apply. the Warranty is usable at any UK garage.

Q9. How do I customs clear the car and pay all duties?

A9. You don't we do all that for you, it's included in the service.

Q10. What extra is there for me to pay after the advertised forecourt price? (NOT Import Scheme)

A10. Nothing, nothing at all. The price includes everything from the car through Import taxes, shipping, number-plates, mot, Service, EVERYTHING.

Q11.How do I pay for the car purchased at the forecourt price?

A11. A 1000 deposit secures the car. This is payable by either Bankers Draft or Personal cheque posted to our UK Registration Office in Devon or by Major Credit card via our website. The balance is payable upon collection and inspection of the car from our Bristol Garage. This is by either cash, Bankers Draft or pre-arranged cleared funds to our UK Bankers in London.


Q12 How do I proceed to get a car via the 'Import Scheme'?

A12. Simply send an email and register. Then we search for the car for you send you good examples and take it from there. See a full detailed breakdown on the page entitled Import Scheme

Q13. What if you dont find me a suitable car or I just don't want to proceed on the Import Scheme, Is the £350 search fee refundable?

A13. Yes FULLY. No questions.

Q14. How long does it take from ordering to delivery on either forecourt car or Import Scheme?

A14. That depends where the vehicle is in the process of shipment from Japan to UK. It can be just days if it is almost into the UK or several weeks if the car is still awaiting shipment from Japan. If we are purchasing for you via the Import Scheme it will typically be 10-12 weeks from purchase.

Q15. Will you search for a car that meets my exact requirements?

A15. Tell us your exact requirements and we will do our best to get the exact car for you.

Q16. Is the car UK street legal?

A16. Yes all our cars our UK compliant.

Q17. Are the speedometers in mph?

A17. Yes. And more importantly they record in miles not kilometers. This is a much more expensive conversion but we feel well worth the extra cost.

Q18. How do I get the car from port to my home?

A18. About 95% of our cars arrive at Bristol Port. We have a garage there and we arrange customs clearance, collection, safe storage and Mot. Upon the Successful Mot test we arrange with you the registration of your new car. This process takes 5-7 days. We then fix on your new plates and you come and collect the car from our Bristol Garage. We have customers arriving from Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Mann, such is the quality and value of our cars!


Q19. Can you deliver?

A19. Yes we can deliver Nationwide at extra charge on a low-loader i.e. The car is NOT driven.

Q20. How do I insure the car without a registration number?

A20. Insurance companies allow 30 days cover on insurance quoting the chassis number.

Q21. How long does it take to register the car?

A21. Typically from the time of port clearance to registration is 14-21 days. It can take longer if the car requires IVA testing and there are delays at the Test Centres.

Q22. Can I contact you and speak to a representative?

A22. Yes, you can call free on 0800 634 7576 (sales) or the Bristol garage (collections, repairs, conversions etc) on 01179 382542.

Q23. How much is the delivery charge?

A23. That depends where you live; quotations are available upon request . email us and ask

Q24. My insurance company insist on my having a Thatcham Immobiliser fitted, where can I get one?

A24. Our Bristol garage can arrange the full installation of Thatcham alarms and immobilisers.

Q25. Can I have a towbar or anything else fitted at the Bristol garage?

A25. Yes. Our Bristol garage will install top quality Towbars, stereos systems or fully underseal your new car for you at extra cost. Quotations available upon request (01179 382542).


Q26. How do I get to Algys Autos Garage?

A26. For Map & Directions Click Here


Q27. If I purchase via the 'Import Scheme' is Algys Autos responsible for my car whilst in transit from Japan to the UK?

A27. Prior to the vehicle being shipped in Japan and upon UK arrival your property is covered by either Algys Autos or our Bristol Garage whilst under our control. If an item is stolen from the vehicle or it suffers minor damage whilst in transit, although very rare, Algys Autos cannot be expected to be held responsible for matters not under our control. The correct proceedures will be undertaken on your behalf and any claims of theft or damage will be directed to the relevant shipping line. Additional marine insurance can be supplied for the journey upon request.

FURTHER QUESTIONS If your question is not answered above simply write it in an e-mail and we shall answer you, normally within 2 hours....

Algys Autos Ltd supply quality Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Hi lux Surf, Toyota Estima, Mazda Bongo, Toyota Hilux Surf, Nissan Figaro, Nissan Pao, Toyota Granvia, Nissan Escargot (Nissan S Cargo ) and Ford Freda at exceptional prices.