I just wanted to thanks all working at Algy's for making the process of getting hold of my dream car a reality! I'm very happy with my (nearly new) Mazda Bongo Friendee, it drives great, the interior is spotless and it has an exotic entertainment system, the controls still wrapped in cellophane.

Although initially i thought it all seemed suspiciously too good to be true, putting my trust in this company has paid off. I was impressed with their efficiency in managing all the aspects of importing a good quality used car. For anyone reading, don't hesitate in going for it, they have the best variety to choose from. It's worth waiting for!


alex smith  


I have just taken delivery of my imported Mazda Bongo 4WD Diesel, bought by Algy’s Autos Ltd in Japan, transported by Penguin shipping and serviced and delivered by Hallen Imports.
The experience was a lengthy one, 3 months but I have to say the vehicle lives up to expectations and bought to budget.
Hallen took care of everything including several problems on arrival in UK and are highly efficient with their contact and attention to detail.
I would like to thank all connected with the purchase, particularly Dave and Deana at Hallen assisted by Mike and Gerry.
I would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing an imported Japanese vehicle to go directly to Algy’s, they are first class, most efficient and offer the best value for money.
Chris Rimmer


Hi Dave / Deana,

Collected our Regius from you yesterday, Just a quick email to thank you for helping to sort out the purchase of the vehicle and for the work you carried out on it. Drives lovely and we think we've got a great car for the money.

Even came with Japanese cd's and an unopened box of Weekend extras!!

That made me chuckle.

Thanks again

Graham & Pam



Dear Sveta,I thought I'd let you know that I've picked up my Delica that you imported on my behalf and I'm very pleased with it.Importing with Algys was quite painless,I'd do it again and recommend you to anyone.Thanks to everyone involved.
                     Thank again
                                     Robert Lloyd


hi i collected my bongo from hallen imports today it's superb , i would just like to thank you all for your excellent service
                            many thanks
                                                    val kaute


I would also like thank you for a great service and to say that this car exceeded all my expectations
Vic M


Dear Shelley/anyone else,

I was so preoccupied at having to get back to the hospital urgently I
couldn't really express my appreciation properly.  I am now a proud owner
and driver of a beautiful green Figaro and must thank you for all your work
on its restoration and for helping me so nicely with what I needed to
contribute.  It really is a joy to look at and to drive.  I will see you
again during the year I'm sure,

warm regards, Alison

Alison ****, PhD


Dear Deana,

Very many thanks for importing and carrying out the transactions for my Mazda Bongo.

I am thoroughly pleased with it. It is a pleasure to drive and I stopped in Sheffield on the way home to Scotland, to have the inside converted with a sink, fridge, cooker, and rock and roll bed.

The vehicle handles like a dream and is a total pleasure to drive.

I would be grateful if you would please thank your engineer who took the time and effort to show me around the vehicle.

If any of my friends want to import a vehicle from Japan, I will certainly recommend Algys Autos.

Once again, many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

David *****



Dave, Deanna, Mike and team

Well, you have all done me really proud, what a beautiful car.  The standard you work to is so high, Algy’s autos is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team to restore the Figs to such a high standard, she looks like a brand new car absolutely stunning.  Had to de-ice her this morning but she started up fine (thank god) it will take some time getting used driving her especially the visibility re the rear window, and being so low on the road I am looking forward to getting to know her.  I am taking viewings of her in work and everyone is so impressed, what a classy car.

Hope you all enjoy the wine and many thanks for my car mats; it was very kind of you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep the production line busy for 2009.


Dear All,
It has been some time now since I purchased a Granvia through yourselves, and I thought that it was time I commented on your service.
The Granvia in question was reference number  KCH10-00****, purchased through you, and collected from Hallens in March 2008.  The standard of the car was excellent, Hallens having carried out a thourough PDI.  From your original description of the car I was expecting to have to carry out some minor touch in work, but this has not proved to be the case.  After collection of the car, I spent some time trying to find the blemishes stated in your report, and decided finally that your guys can see far more than I can.  The standard of the vehicle was extremely high, far higher than you had led me to expect.  The car is in everyday use, and has exceeded all my requirements.  It is comfortable, quiet, easy to drive, and has a road presence second to none.  Since collection in March, I have travelled well over 8000 miles, transporting family and friends with a minimum of fuss.  If I had to find a fault, it would be that I wish I had bought one years ago.  Your service in obtaining this vehicle was efficient, trouble free and helpful throughout, and I can willingly state that I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone thinking of buying a car through your import scheme.
Many thanks for what was a pain- and trouble-free purchase.
Bill Clark.


Dear Deana, Dave & Algy
Arrived back in North London safe and sound.  My wife, Debbie, is absolutely thrilled with the car - and so is my daughter (Amber age 11) who wants to go to school in it on Monday to show her friends!
Thank you very much to all of you for your excellent service which has been highly professional throughout.  It was very pleasant to do business with you.  Look forward to keeping in touch.
All the best.


My wife is absolutely thrilled with her new Fig. It's classless and fun to
drive and with a bit more punch than the appearance suggests. The functional
styling inside are engineered to a good standard and the off white interior
suggests more space than. The car does not project a feeling of luxury, just
solid engineering delivered with panache. The classless aspect means she
feels comfortable driving to and parking in some difficult areas in North
London where she works. The leather seats are comfortable and driving with
the top down is remarkably rattle free. All round driving visibility is good
even with the low profile.

Tip: Buy some carpet mats (not supplied). I found dedicated Figaro 4 piece
sets off eBay for £25.


Peter Streatfield

Dear Deana and Dave

Thank you .. thank you ... thank you ... thank you ... thank you .. for my beautiful Figaro. I absolutely adore her!
I have just come in from the garage after wishing her a Very Good Night. She is more beautiful than I had ever imagined and great to drive, although I am still getting used to the automatic (it's not that difficult I am just a little nervous). I am driving with a grin right across my face. Don't know what the other drivers must be thinking - but I bet they are envious of her!
Thank you Dave for the beautiful badge you have given me and the TLC you have given to my figgy.
Best wishes

Stephen Harvey - Tuesday 17th 2007f July 2007 10:41:01 PM
Started this process in Feb 07, purchased in Mar 07, picked up in Jul 07 a V46 N reg leather with 41K. Algy proved to be an honest and reliable individual available to answer any/all questions. Sveta, Kerry and Deana are all stars, nothing is to much for them to answer or advise. I have an excellent vehicle and I will repeat this process. I can fully recommend anyone to buy through the import scheme. Yes there is a large deegree of trust but nothing to fear, should you wish to save money and purchase a bargain then this is the way to do it. I was on holiday when the car arrived in Bristol but was able to secure all of my needs on the internet from the Canaries. I will gladly answer any questions from potential buyers!
steve jones - Tuesday 03rd of April 2007 10:28:18 AM
My wifes Figaro was delivered to us in Northumberland over the weekend.We ordered it several months ago and trusted Algys to deliver on their promise. We are delighted.The car is immaculate and the missus is over the moon.I would recommend Algys without hesitation.Their excellent reputation is well deserved.
Matt Shelton - Monday 26th of February 2007 10:20:15 PM
If you want a decent imported vehicle then look no further than Algys Autos import scheme. From the initial emailed pics to the delivery of your vehicle you cannot fault their service. All questions you might have are answered swiftly by Sveta and her team. My Bongo is supurb better than expected and fully loaded.It seems like a shot in the dark sending money when all you have seen is a picture but believe me its not. They are definately the cheapest and best quality. Dont believe me then mail me mattdax@talk21.com.
mike annand - Sunday 25th of February 2007 12:09:36 AM
Annyone thinking of importing a vehicle from japan do so with confidence,through Algy's Autos.My hilux surf,which i picked up last weekend is a beuty.The whole process from start to finish went very smoothly,all the staff are very friendly and helpfull.From my experience i would recomend Algy's to anyone looking for a quality import thats hassle free,many thanks to all at Algy's Autos for my fantastic surf
Duncan McPhail - Thursday 22nd of February 2007 03:08:59 PM
Due to the highly professional way in which our contact and business dealings with Algy's have been conducted, I felt the need to send an endorsement of their offer to refund deposits, on a no quible basis. Unfortunately we were unable to fulfil our Figaro purchase, due to an unforseen potential redundancy. It is always a sharp intake of breath when parting with money, no matter how large or small. Where potential delivery is some months in the future, indeed we were approximately 4 months in the waiting. However with a clear and concise cancellation, our 1k deposit was refunded in full within 4 days of our phone call. My wife and I were delighted, however regret having to pass on the emerald green Figaro she had set her heart on. Circumstances change, we can always come back, and buy with confidence.
Alison Sheldon - Saturday 17th of February 2007 08:04:30 PM
Did not buy through Algys as we found another one elsewhere which we could take possession of earlier, however, once we had paid the search fee, we had loads of potential vehicles emailed to us. And when we cancelled the search, we received a full refund of the 350 to our paypal account within the hour! Very Impressed!
Terry Boyle - Tuesday 19th of December 2006 01:49:37 PM
Well I have just collected my 3rd vehicle supplied by Algy, all of them still owned and used by me. The latest, a Granvia had less than 10,000 miles on the clock and it shows in the condition. It's as near immaculate as you can get in a car thats been driven.. The process under Algy's control was fantastic, Barratt shipping are stares particularly Kerri. Hallen did a great job and the total cost was with a few pounds of Algy's initial estimate. The only bad point was UK Customs who were incompetent slow and non responsive. Typical civil service department, taking over 30 days to get the vehicle cleared. Not Algy's fault totally customs fault.
Pink Mouse - Sunday 05th of November 2006 08:02:39 AM  
Brilliant.Thats it!

Never had so much fun sitting down!
My advice is simply get one BUT get a good one. My friends Pink Figaro was cheaper..and it shows! Bad decision and she now regrets it. Paying out to try and get it as good as mine. Simple advise is you cant buy a good Figaro cheap...it pays to get one that all the hard work on doing one up has been done for you so you don't have the headache and expense. I bought mine from Figs4u. Totally dedicated Figaro dealership. When I went to their place they had over 30 on show. I was in heaven! I tried a few other places first and saw many pink nissan figaro for sale but Non were a patch on Figs4u. the others either did it in their spare time....ahhhhh or just cut corners to make a sale. Go there and you will see the cars being fully re-built and they are really friendly to boot.

Take my advice and geta lovely wonderful Figaro.....and see figs4u if you want a good one! 
Richard Pierson - Tuesday 31st of October 2006 04:00:44 PM
I collected my Bongo from Hallen Imports mid October. It is just as promised - probably in even better condition than I thought. It was a bit of a leap of faith to transfer money to bank accounts here and there on the basis of a few e-mails and pictures on the internet. I could see a vision of myself on Watchdog looking foolish, but no! Algy's came through with the goods on budget and on time. The vehicle is excellent. many thanks to all concerned at Algy's, Barratt Shipping and Hallen Imports. Thank-you!!
Patrick Crushell - Sunday 29th of October 2006 04:48:26 PM
Delighted with Algy's Autos for arranging the importation of my Mazda Bongo which i picked up last week here in Ireland. Everything went very smooth and car arrived to me even earlier than expected!!! Thanks Algy.
Gyl Darnley - Thursday 26th of October 2006 10:31:56 AM
Picked up our Toyota Hilux surf 4 x 4 last weekend and we are 'over the moon' with it. I must be honest and say that when my other half said that he was going to send someone (Algy's) money to look for a car for us in Japan and that we would be sent e-mails of prospective vehicles which we would purchase from a description and picture only, then to send the money up front for the purchase, shipping, collection and conversions, I thought he had completely lost the plot and was going through a mid life crisis!!! However, after a number of discussions with Algy's and lots of vehicles e-mailed to us they found 'the one' and he managed to convince me that eveything would be fine and we decided to proceed. It matched everything we had asked for and more and was well under budget. Vehicle arrived in England 7 weeks after purchase at Auction in Japan, only hold up then was SVA testing as they moved premises the week that our car arrived so that ended up taking a month - but things have settled down now apparently so should be quicker in future - only imported cars under 10 years old have to be SVA tested so wont apply to every vehicle. I must mention that you need to be prepared to wait longer than the stated time of 3 days for registration with your local DVLA office - ours took 9 days. Finally (bet you were falling asleep weren't you!! ha ha) a massive thankyou to all involved - Algys, Kerrie at Barratt Shipping and Kellie and Dave at Hallen Imports, would recommend you to anyone wanting to import. Thankyou.
Mark Williams - Monday 09th of October 2006 10:47:55 AM
Wow, what a bizarre experience. Part with your money upfront, based upon some photographs from the web.e-mail. You take a leap of faith and hope you are not being ripped off. Well with Algys it is all upfront and totally honest, so don't worry as much as I did. To manage your budget look at all the detail, the information is there, from the initial commission to the mandatory SVA check, the shippping and import duties, the purchase price in Japan to the extras you ask for. You will deal with BSL for shipping, Algys and their agent for car choice and Hallen Imports for servicing, SVA etc. I hve to say that on each contact all the staff have been totally courteous and always helpful. After my first weekend of driving I am totally satisfied with the vehicle (Toyota Lucida Estima AERAS). Would I do it again with Algys? absolutely! Would I put up a positive recommendation and act as a referee? Absolutely!
Jimmy Wilson - Sunday 01st of October 2006 05:49:15 PM
I have been looking at the Mazda Bongo for a few months now but can't seem to make my mind up about grey imports. Algy seem to do the best deal and seem to have much lower mileage vans that other dealers. How are they able to offer such a good deal? Can any happy Bongo owners out there put my mind at rest? Jimmy Wilson , Scotland
Ian Harman - Friday 22nd of September 2006 08:36:05 PM
Sent algy's an e-mail having decided to purchase my bongo through the import scheme - had reply in 5 minutes. Steady stream of potential purchases arriving to my laptop daily! Very impressed - only regret is that I didn't purchase my existing bongo this way.
kelly - Wednesday 30th of August 2006 05:23:00 PM
I collected my figaro from Dave at HIS and would just like to say a big thank to you to everyone. The whole process from start to finish was a dream, Algy & Lana, Kerry at Barratt Shipping & Dave always took the time to speak with me throughout. I would recommend Algys Autos to anyone xx
- Monday 28th of August 2006 03:30:49 PM
I picked up my 2.8 LWB Paj just over a week ago. I'll start with some of the neg points. After a 300 mile trip to collect I found that it had been damaged on the rear near side wheel arch. This damage was not on the original photos that I was sent so happened somewhere between the transporting period and me picking it up. The reason it took nearly three months for me to collect it was Hallen had a back log of conversions and so mine had to be put into storage until that backlog was cleared. The total cost of the car on the road came to more than quoted or was hoping 620.00 to Hallen for the compulsory conversions and a basic service. This strangely enough did not cover draining & putting in anti freeze. Then on top of this was 12 months road tax and 38.00 DVLA registration fee. As the cost of the car was rising I did not opt for the warranty. It pays to shop around for things like alarms, radios, tow bars etc as I saved 130 for a cat 1 alarm fully fitted over what Hallen wanted to charge me. And also saved 120 for a tow bar. Now for the plus points I can not though fault the process of Algy's Autos all questions answered quickly by Algy himself. Kerrie at Barrett Shipping was extremely very helpful. The registration process was virtually all done for you just take the papers that had already been filled out to your local DVLA & wait about 5 days. The car was a dream to drive back on the return 300 miles, no rattles or concerning noises. Everything was as it should be. The engine /compartment looked as though it had just left the factory. Underneath its so shiny that you could virtually eat you diner from it (well would not go that far but you get my drift) I have been very open and honest about my experience and yes I would certainly purchase from Algy's Autos again. It does take a lot of trust handing over money to someone you have never met. Yes even after the extra cost I know I saved myself a packet compared to forecourt prices over here. I got a lovely car although slightly damaged but I am still happy. Dave Coombes
John Hoey - Wednesday 12th of July 2006 08:15:19 PM
Have recently collected my Pajero 2.8 Exceed. WOW, what a fantastic car. Drove it 800 miles to home. It behaved impeccably.It would be easy to believe it was a new vehicle, not a '95 model. It was exactly as described, immaculate. OK, not a conventional way of buying a car, but as Algy says "We have a system, and it works" Very professional, very efficient. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his team. If anyone is still undecided please e-mail me
Andrew - Wednesday 28th of June 2006 09:19:58 PM
Looking into buying a Mazda Bongo. Very impressed with the feedback for Algys.We live in Blackpool Lancashire, Do Algys deliver?(would be a good weekend away haha ).Thankyou. Denise
samantha - Wednesday 21st of June 2006 12:12:31 PM
what a great site, do you have either a swb pajero 2.8D or a surf 3.0D in stock?
hagen - Friday 16th of June 2006 06:13:38 PM http://www.jxwd.co.uk
collected my pink figaro from Bristol garage this weekend for a surprise present for my wife..Brilliant
- Friday 09th of June 2006 11:18:34 AM
I stumbled on this site by complete accident and found it intriguing to say the least. To find out more details I left my contact number on the site and within two hours received a phone call from Algy. After Algy went through the process with me I took a leap of faith and decided to go ahead telling him exactly what I wanted and the budget which I was on. Within two days they had sourced a silver and blue 2.8 LWB Pajero Exceed and E-Mailed me the photos of it further stating that apart from minor cosmetics all that it needed was a Professional valet. on the 19/05/2006 I succesfully purchased this vehicle and have just found out 08/06/06 that already it is nearly two weeks into its journey from Japan. Well this is fantastic efficiency at its best. Hopefully the rest of the process goes as smoothly as the beginning. I shall post another comment when I pick the vehicle up. Well done to all at Algy's. Ill keep you posted. Dave Coombes
Martin - Thursday 08th of June 2006 12:59:46 PM
Am looking at buying a Subaru mini VW Lookalike from Algy's. But nobody has posted anything about them. We would like one for promotional work for the business. Anyone out there bought one of these through Algy's and have you any photo's. In discussion with Algy's company at this moment and looking forward to identifying the right vehicle.
Mambo Thursday 3rd June 2006: Collected my Pink Figaro from Algys Autos.........Fantastic. Done properly and beats the pants off other retailers that are 'trying' to do the Pink Figaro
Sheldon Botham - Sat Feb 4 13:16:26 2006  
I am very interested in purchasing a Landrover Discovery and am still browsing, your website is very clear and the prices extremely competitive

Les Powell - Wed Feb 1 03:54:29 2006  
Hi to all at Algy's.
Picked up a beautiful lapis grey Nissan Figaro from Bristol just before X-mas.What a stunner!! Bought for my wife and I since haven't had a look-in!
Driving back to London up the M4 was an experience in itself with a lot of interest and waving as I passed other cars and visa versa.
I enjoyed every mile and was suprised at the quality of the drive...Needless to say my wife was gobsmacked.Everyone who's not in the know believes it to be a brand new car,a testimony to you guys in preparing it for us.
To anyone reading this,you can be rest assured you
will be dealing with in a professional outfit who deliver what they say on the website.
Thanks again guys for a great product and great service.

Guy Ghani - Mon Jan 23 15:02:31 2006  
I have bought an Estima using Algy's import scheme. It's a very nice car, the price was very good - everything infact you want. Buying with Algy is a partnership, and as such it's built on trust. Algy is a helpful man. He contributes to owners of these (and other) vehicels not just his customers. To me that demonstrates integrity. He gives good advice to those who are neither his customers nor are ever likely to be.
But Algy is a man who says what he means. Always polite, but never extravagent. He doesn't waste your time sending huge amolunts of e-mails, or spend hours on the phone talking to you. He will advise when needed but he does not push or cajole you. You are in charge. He treats you as an adult. He behaves like an adult. You make your own mind up.
So who should buy with Algy? Anyone who wants to buy a car without the incessant jabbering of a salesman. A bit like a personal shopper. Those who need a lot of chat and talk and "selling to" may feel disappointed.
To me buying a car represents a big monetary investment. I am happy to base that decision on trust. But don't take my word for it, check out Algy's contributions on www.estimaownersclub.com or www.smartgroups.com/estima sites and judge for yourself.

Jan Simmons - Sat Jan 21 10:05:24 2006  
I,ve been the proud owner of my baby blue Nissan figaro ( Or Tink As she,s fondly known by the family! )for six months now & want the "whole team" at Algys to know how pleased proud & impressed I am, not only with the car but also the level of commitment & care from all concerned. Nothing has been too much trouble, emails or any other concerns have been dealt with quickly & efficiently. Like many others I took a leap of faith when I decided to buy from Algy but wouldnt hesitate to recommend anyone thinking of buying from his company to go ahead without hesitation. Even now I feel I could call or email & ask them anything & would definately use them again when we replace our family car. Special thanks of course to Algy & Svetlana,Tom & Deena in Bristol...You,re all doing a grand job! Thankyou Jan ( & Tink )

FRANK BAUGH - Sat Jan 21 03:54:49 2006  
I would like to say how informative and well laid out your website is. It has fuelled my interest in purchasing an import toyota surf.I will be in touch soon with an enquiry.

Andy Fisher - Fri Jan 6 08:03:25 2006  
We purchased a Toyota Areas from your import service in September 2005, I would just like to say thank you for all the help you and your team gave us, it was very hassle free and the car is lovely. We have already been recommending your company and we will definitely use you in the future.

Thanks again.

Andy Fisher

Bob - Thu Dec 1 10:10:52 2005  
Still browsing

Tony Dellaway - Wed Nov 23 09:11:28 2005 http://www.theredpepper.biz/
I picked up our nissan escargot from Bristol and it is hard to beleve its 15 years old, had no doubts about buying from someone I have never met or had never seen,
many thanks to you and the guys.

Austin Copp - Wed Nov 23 02:12:06 2005  
Hi, I collected my Toyota Granvia a fortnight ago and thought I would leave some feedback.
On the plus side; # Algy and his team are trustworthy and you can have faith in sending off money to Cypus bank accounts!
#The team are available and responsive and humoured my pestering.
# The car is overall in very nice condition and as described
On the minus side;
# The car took 3 months to arrive and although I don't believe this can be typical, it was inconvenient
# Communication of the fact that the car would not make its fisrt arrival date was not forthcoming and I had to chase the shipping co for info.
# The car has one nasty scrape on the bottom of the door which I was not able to deternine the severity of from the auction chit.
# Algy has moved his servicing from Lodway to Car and Truck Bristol who seem fine but are a bit more expensive.
# Paperwork, the personal imprt scheme requires the owner to go to their local DVLA centre with a lot of docs to get a registration and I am not sure that is clear in the site write up.

Overall, I did save a few hundred pounds and have a nice MPV and would use Algy again, forewarned is forarmed though.

Dave of Berkshire - Tue Nov 22 10:27:02 2005  
10 months on & we are over the moon with the Surf 3.0. It was a bit of a worry buying blind, my wife thought I was mad, but Algy, was true to his word, all is as promised!
If you are thinking of making a purchase thru' Algy & you are not sure about the whole procedure just e-mail me & I can put any worries to rest.

mike rochester - Fri Nov 18 07:31:48 2005  
i am pleased with your web page

Ken James - Sun Nov 13 11:47:35 2005  
Dear Algy,
I picked up my Ford Freeda (mazda bongo) yesterday and it is hard to beleve it is an R reg, more like an 05 model, I did have doubts about ordering from someone I have never met, about buying a vehicle I had never seen, let alone test drive, but , fingers crossed, I can breathe a sigh of relief, all my phone calls and E-mails were answered promptly, photos of the vehicle were E-mailed to me, all questions were answered,in fact when I did have a slight problem you assured me that you wanted me to be a happy customer and helped me out in a more than satisfactory way, many thanks to you and to the guys at Hallen.

Enyingbada - Wed Oct 19 03:04:05 2005  
Thats a nice site you gat here, i really appreaciate what i found inside.

John Pitson - Sat Oct 15 09:52:56 2005 Hi Lux Surf
At first I was cautious about buying from a photo on the site. I needn't have worried, the hilux Surf Intercooler was all that I could have wished for!!! It was mint condition as described and even better than I could have imagined!!! I would like to thank all at Algys autos for the proffesional and courteous manner that they acted in to import this vehicle for me and the friendly staff they employ!!! I am hoping to buy another vehicle very soon. Thank you very much!! John Pitson.

Rich - Fri Oct 14 07:19:45 2005  
Just bought a hilux Surf SSRX ltd Edition (Import)
What a car!!!!!

MAGA - Wed Oct 12 01:36:28 2005  

Paul Collins - Mon Sep 26 03:49:15 2005  
Wonderful company who are willing to help a nissan figaro owner on the other side of the world in New Zealand. Thankyou once again

neil sammy - Fri Sep 16 18:47:58 2005  
thanks for buying my s w b mitsubuishi. i was well impressed with the way everything went. i,m also impress with my motor. thanks once again. neil sammy.

UZOAGBA/UDEGURU - Mon Sep 5 08:28:18 2005  

Mark Brook - Sun Sep 4 14:47:31 2005  
I collected my Toyota hilux Surf at the bank holliday weekend from Keith in Bristol and drove it 230 miles back home,it drives like a new car, realy pleased with it.
A big thankyou to all at algys Autos/BSL shipping and Lodway service station.
Kind regards
Mark Brook.

Dave Hollins - Mon Aug 22 11:28:22 2005  
I have just taken delivery of my new 3.0 hilux Surf...and it is fantastic!

Having looked around at local dealers, they were asking around 10k for a 1996 model. With Algy and the team at Lodway Service Station in B ristol, I have got a Surf that is in excellent condition, with low miles and on the road with Cat 2 alarm, full service, new cambelt, undesealed and towbar for around 2k less than my local dealers (without all these extras!!!)

I was very apprehensive about buying a vehicle I've never seen from someone I've never met. Algy allowed me to use the personal import scheme by paying a 1000 deposit up front and the balance on collection. This was a very fair compromise...and I haven't been disappointed.

From what I can tell...Algy picks the best quality vehicles and that is why he is confident you'll be happy.

The only downside of my experience was that it took a long time to get my vehicle due to delays in shipping and then a paperwork mistake by Customs which delayed registering it.

That said, overall I think Algy offers excellent value for money. My Surf is a real beauty. Keith and his team at Lodway Service Station have done a great job servicing it and fitting a number of extras.

Would I use Algy and Lodway Service Station again? YES!

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about the whole process.

Thanks Algy and Sveta and Keith.


Colin Hunter - Mon Jul 25 15:48:35 2005  
I would like to thank you Algy and every one involved with your excellent service, especially Sveta for answering every query promptly no matter what time of day. Keith and his team are very helpful and nice people. When I spoke to you I offered to ring back as you were at the Gym but no! you just carried on our conversation, now that is what I call dedication.
When I explained to my Wife that I was going to send someone I had never met a list of my requirements for a vehicle which he would purchase on my behalf, then send him a deposit and wait a number of weeks until it arrived she thought I was either drunk! Or completely mad.
I explained that if I was making a mistake I would suffer in more ways than one, but I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted WE are with our Surf.
It is a dream to drive and own and in excellent condition.
I am very happy to recommend your services.

Colin Hunter,

Ian Donnelly - Tue Jul 19 04:58:03 2005  
Picked up our Pajero exactly as described and in 1st class condition many thanks to Algy,Kieth and the team at Lodway services and Dave Bishop at car and truck Bristol all contributed to make this an excellent way to by an imported vehicle.I can highly recommend them all.

MUGU - Sun Jul 10 08:35:35 2005  

adryan bell - Wed Jul 6 15:44:02 2005  
I live in bristol and understadn you have a showroom somewhere nearby - I want to view and buy a nissan Figaro - can you let me know your address

kim - Thu Jun 23 06:09:39 2005  
hiya algy,

just taken delivery of 'barbie' as she shall be called from mow on, my baby pink gorgeous nissan Figaro !!!!

She is every girls dream car, and everyone stops and looks, unfortunatly now not at 'lil 'ol me but at Barbie !! They even want to have their pictures taken in here, how weird is that ???

I gotta say a massive thanks you to everyone one involved in helping me get Barbie, from the initial contact with Lana, all the way thro to the girls at Barratt Shipping, and the boss at Barratt, Andrew, I do feel for him I think he suffers by employing just girlies !!

If anyone is just 'thinking' about buying a car via Algy, stop wasting you're time thinking and get on with parting with youre money, Ive bought cars before but never have I had such a laugh and good time buying a car

All credit to you Algy, you have a brill team working with you xxxxxxxxxxxx

Steve Hewitt - Wed Jun 22 08:20:55 2005  
Hi Algy.
Just thought it was about time I sent you a note to say THANK YOU for my hilux Surf!
Sorry it has been a while, but as soon as I had picked it up from Keith on Sat 28th May, I went on leave on the Monday to Spain.
However, now that I've been back for a couple of weeks, I have been able to "play" with the car.....and it's GREAT fun!!!
As I said, many many thanks for the efficient service you ALL have given me, and for the painless way in which you make importing a vehicle possible!!
The car is in very good condition for it's age and the mileage was a little lower than expected to boot!
Due to the level of service you give to your customers, if I can do anything in return for you, such as vouching for the said service in way of either a testimonial or directly with anyone who wishes to speak to one of your"very satisfied customers", please contact me and I would happily endorse your wares!
Again Algy, many many thanks and all the very best.
I SHALL be in touch when our Estima is due for replacement in the future.
Kindest regards,
Steve Hewitt.

Martin Gigson - Tue Jun 21 13:34:39 2005  
i would like to say when i first parted with my money useing the personal import system i was worried to say the least, but trust me IT DOES WORK and saves you a lot of money.I have no problem talking to anyone about this, if you cantact keith at lodway he will give you my telephone no, so i can put your mind at REST.

martin gibson - Tue Jun 21 13:25:19 2005  
dear algy,
Just a note to say how pleased i am with mt hilux surf ssr-g,picked it up 20/6/05 what a supberb vehicle to look at and drive its more than i exspected.First class service and very friendly staff at lodway, my special thanks goes out to dana (if i spelt your name wrong sorry),for all your help putting my mind to rest a credit to the company,also special thanks to keith for his wit and bristol charm.THANK YOU.

nigel yon - Tue Jun 21 07:18:55 2005  

Johnny - Sat Jun 18 07:58:16 2005 http://www.southatlanticimages.com/
Algy I received my Pajero a few months ago i was so please with it i forgot to come and say thankyou for the outstanding service of delivering a Pajero to Ascension Island Johnny C

GARY KEARNS - Mon Jun 13 13:29:43 2005  
great web page loads of info cheers.

olly elliott - Wed Jun 8 12:36:16 2005  
well done to the one that has just had the L Reg 1994, Rare 5 Speed MANUAL Mitsubishi Pajero very nice car olly

Simon Pannett - Fri Jun 3 01:03:54 2005  
Just a quick word to say thanks to Algy, Svet and all the team for sourcing an electrical part to get the fan going on my Bongo and all for the sum of goodwill!!!
Nice to know there are traders that value their customers so much.

Steve M - Wed Jun 1 06:40:27 2005  
I took my leap of faith in March 2005. I was rewarded with a gleaming, low millage, top of the range Pajero that would have cost the earth from a conventional garage. Algy has put together a very good team that works well together. The service that they provide is honest, accurate and can be relied on. Any problems or questions are dealt with immediately in a professional manner.If any one is thinking a using Algy's sevices, and are holding back , I would be more than happy to share my experience with you.You will not be disapointed.

Graeme - Tue May 31 10:37:04 2005  
I've just recently taken delivery of my 1993 Mazda MX-5 S-Ltd. It's a fabulous car in really good condition, much better (and a bit cheaper) than the ones I looked at in the UK. The contact I had with Algy, Sveta, Tom in Bristol and the Japanese auction agent was wonderfully helpful, friendly, knowledgable and professional. Having considered other ways of buying and importing Japanese auction vehicles, I think Algy's Autos offers the best and most stress-free experience. I would recommend them unreservedly to anyone wanting a good quality imported car.

Simon Bowkett - Sun May 29 14:35:28 2005  
It's nearly 2 years since we imported our Estima through you Algy... Just thought I'd let you know that after 25000 miles I've finally had to replace an inner tube! Otherwise, she's gone on and on with no problems! Best investment in a vehicle I've made. Thanks!

Ian and Bridie Donnelly - Wed May 18 06:29:34 2005  
Just started the process of importing a 2.8 Super Exceed up to now all questions answered very quickly and all seem very efficient.Was worried about partingn with 1000 deposit but Algy assures me if I am not delighted with the car he will refund my deposit thats what I call commitment to the customer.
Pajero arrives end of month will post comment when process completed.

Daniel C - Sun May 15 13:03:18 2005  
Algy got me a mint subaru WRX-STI at an unbeatable price HIGHLEY RECOMMENDED...

Bernard Jones - Sat May 14 05:11:04 2005  
Hi Algy,
just joined the club, We do a lot of distance motering/camping and are looking to buy one off the Lucida models 96 onwards. Something classy with luxery and will take a Topbox. Thankyou.
Best wishes...... Bernie

Gordon Rhodes - Mon Apr 11 09:45:22 2005  
Having owned a bonded car in Cy, we were caught when Cy joined the EU and demanded all cars to pay an iniqitous Duty for release, and knowing of Algy's expertise in re-imports contacted him. Both he and keith have a well organised system that eventually gets round even some of the C & E inport problems; at one point I thought our car would end up stuck in the sea between Cy an UK. Many, many thanks indeed to both of you folk and your groups who actually know what they are doing, not always going by the book.

All the besy for the future.


Gordon Rhodes

joe hill - Sat Feb 19 03:11:58 2005  
algy, many thanks for the service you and keith in Bristol gave my wife and myself.We LOVE our ford Freda / mazda bongo she was in PRISTINE condition when we picked her up last Saturday.All the way back to Wales we had smiles on our faces,we will definitely use your services again.

Robin and Eleanor Holder - Sun Feb 13 11:02:48 2005  
We would like to thank Algy and 'The Team' for their superb service on supplying us with our first Pajero, which we have just collected from Keith at Lodway Services.
What started off initially as a leap of faith, i.e parting with 1000, has materialised in the form of a gleaming, immaculate vehicle - everything Algy had promised.
While we were waiting for the car to arrive in the UK, we visited a number of other dealerships selling imported Pajeros, and were a little bit concerned at the tatty state that the majority were in. We needn't have worried as this vehicle knocks spots off them all!!
Thank you all for your friendly, professional and prompt service.

saman De silva - Tue Feb 8 09:43:15 2005  
Dear Algy
How are you? I did call you once few weeks ago just to say hello but you wasnt there. I have seen u are looking for wind deflectors .
I have got a pair which come with my estima not toyota one bit wider one in very good condition if you need its for you free of charge with smile.
Let me know if you want,
Thanks, Cheers,
Saman (Nissan)

TIMOTHY KELLY - Mon Feb 7 16:43:03 2005  
Wonderful people to deal with, a rich mine of
useful information. Would strongly recommend to

Mark Allen - Sat Jan 29 02:03:58 2005  
I picked up my Toyota Estima this week and I'm chuffed to bits with it.
The photographs sent really were an accurate image and the car is great.
Algy, Sveta, Mr & Mrs Linton, BSL Shipping and Keith at Lodway have all been stars, thankyou.
Buing a vehicle you have never seen or driven is dependent on trust and these good people are cetainly trustworthy.

Jules Palmer - Sun Jan 16 11:49:12 2005  
I bought my nissan Figaro in Nov 2004 and have been delighted with it. The service I received from yourself and Lodway services was great. Thank you

Simon Forrest - Mon Jan 10 00:39:16 2005  
Looks very interesting, will give the import scheme a very serious thought.

Simon & Pauline White - Sat Jan 1 13:46:25 2005  
We collected our Pajero 2800 Exceed from Keith in Bristol on the 4th December 2004, (a bit of a character is Keith) the whole import / registration process was really easy, all our queries were answered promtly by both Algy & Sveta in Cypress and Keith in Bristol. The car was as described in our telephone conversations with Algy and we are really pleased with it. When the car was delivered to Keith in Bristol we had additional work done, the car was undersealed, had a new CD / radio, tow bar and alarm / imobiliser, which was all carried out at a very reasonable cost. The only problem we have now is fighting over which one of us is going to drive it!
I would happily recommend Algy's Autos to anyone, take the plunge, you won't be disappointed!
Simon & Pauline

Doony - Thu Dec 9 07:30:40 2004  
When I casually informed my wife I had placed a deposit on a large silver van that was (at the time) sitting on a dockside in Japan she looked at me slightly oddly. I then told her the fella I had bought it from was somwhere in cyprus and the lady organising the whole thing was on holiday in Latvia but not to worry as everyone was 'very helpful'. It was at this point that she phoned her Mother.

It is a rare thing for a man to feel so thoroughly vindicated as when we went off to Lodway acouple of months later to collect our mighty Bongo! Not only was the vehicle in beautiful condition but the various modifications I had requested from Keith (a legend in our house) had been carried out perfectly.

If you are considering a Bongo save yourself 2K and buy one from Algy's. They are well organised, excellent at answering questions and informative every step of the way about the various bits and pieces that have to be done.

I can't recommend them highly enough!

saman De silva - Fri Dec 3 05:05:45 2004  
Dear Algy

The way you help out of your way to customers, non customers i really appiciate . Even i am not your customer you help me lot with to sort out my problem.
Your company is a shinning star in the trade with who only intend to sell their sale.
I wish you all the best and happy to see you oneday,
Good luck.
Kind regds,
Saman de silva

katie leonard-smith - Sun Nov 21 16:30:21 2004  
Well it is my second day as a nissan Figaro owner/driver and I cannot tell you how fabulous it feels! It is such an adorable car, I can't believe it is actually mine. I also can't believe how easy and quick it all became a reality. I first saw a picture of the car on Algy's website and it was love at first sight! After my intial email to Algy and Svetlana, they were both very patient and extremely helpful and were on hand whenever I had any questions. Also, Keith at Lodway Service Station was such a delight and between Algy, Setlana, Keith and Chris and Alan (who both worked on my Figaro when it arrived in Bristol and did such a fabulous job getting it ready for our British roads) I couldn't have wished for a more honest, dedicated and lovely team of people to liaise with. I would truly recommend purchasing a car (or anything for that matter!) from Algy and his team and can't thank them enough!x

simon pannett - Mon Nov 15 04:10:12 2004  
Just picked up my Bongo on Saturday 13/11/04. Really please with the specs and condition of the vehicle. What started as a leap of faith has ended with complete satisfaction-its nice to know there are people around who really value the promises they give you. Well done Algy. Keith & crew.

Pete - Thu Nov 11 18:31:06 2004  
Keith at Lodway garage (Which is where you will most probably collect you vehicle from) will supply and fit any extras that you may need at a very reasonable price. A friendly honest place.

Pete - Thu Nov 11 18:24:41 2004  
If you are thinking about buying a car when you have only seen photos DO IT, this is the one of most professional companies that I have ever dealt with (and thats in forty years).
I purchased a 1994 Toyota Surf that was better than discribed Communication was almost instant, they must live to work and work to make sure that you get exactly what you want. Dont think about it DO IT

steve wood - Wed Nov 10 07:51:54 2004  
thanks to all at algys auto and those in the uk, ive bought a car before from another supplier and had nothing but problems and this really put me off, not this time tho, the car was exactly as algy had described it, the boys at bristol were superb and the girls at bsl were more than helpful, if you're still undecided about buying a car off the internet, this is the company to use

Dr.Maga - Wed Oct 6 18:53:13 2004  
A very nice site keep it up
Douglas MacDowall - Tue Oct 5 13:48:50 2004  
Algy, Keith, Sveta and all the rest of the team behind the scenes, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Having had the nissan Figaro now for around six weeks last weekend was my turn for picking up my car. A Toyota Surf with attitude was requested and boy has it got attitude. Another very very smooth transaction, no hassle , service 2nd to none! The one thing I'm sad about is not having to head south to pick another car up......

Keith's a wonderful character and I thank him for getting both the cars prepared with all the extras requested, that was very much appreciated. Sounds like I'm kissing arse, but really they work their butts off and deserve all the praise they get and more!

Thanks again guys, job done!!
wayne thompson - Wed Sep 29 01:52:18 2004  
hi algy, finally took delivery of my mazda bongo and the toyota granvia we have been chatting about for ages. theres not much i can add to the comments already posted on here, from the initial emaili sent to algy with the follow up telephone call from algy and then the contacts with andrew at barratt shipping who convinced me that all was 100% as it was made out and that as he personally drives a car he bought from algy to go for it. the girls at barratt handled everything for me with regard to the daunting task of dealing with uk customs and all the cars were available the day after the boat came into bristol. ive now just collected all three cars from keith and keith was the final piece of the jigsaw having fitted cd players and everything. once again thanks to allinvolved and i have just placed another order with algy on the strength of these first 3 vehicles
Godwin - Thu Sep 23 23:29:35 2004  
This is really a dream team. The service cannot be matched. Excellent communication skills. I have been traeted well, for once be confident, deal with this team and experience it for your self. I am a satisfied customer, well satisfied
Dan Gosselin - Sun Sep 19 15:54:40 2004
Greetings from Gloucester, Massachusetts of "perfect storm" fame. Take good care of your equipment!
Derek Whitt - Fri Aug 27 15:00:54 2004  
Truly an excellent service given by Algy and his team. After looking around dealers in our area at various mpvs for good quality, but they were all to pricy or had high mileage, we started looking on the web such as ebay and other importers , but none seemed to have the servicing and quality as Algys .we saw on his site a emina 2.2 td jtop with all the extras and a very low mileage for less than 5000, the car was very new on the site and only had one photo, but we contacted Algy he told us all about the car and got us extra photos from japan i think. we decided to buy the car which for us was a bit of a leap of faith buying a car which you have only seen photos of , but the other testimonials calmed our worries and after meeting someone else who had an import emina , who said you wont have any problems with Algy.We then had lots of correspondence form Algy telling us everything we needed to know and do at our end. Kieth at Lodway contacted us the next day after ordering to let us know what he would be doing to the car and if we needed any extras doing whilst it was with him.We picked the car up from Kieth on Thurs 19 Aug , Kieth was excellent, showing us around the garage , what he does to the cars when they come in , their were a lot of cars being serviced and made ready, he showed us everything we needed to know about the car and what had been done to it .We then had an excelent run home from Bristol to Bedfordshire and the car was perfect. To end i can say that you get quality and service form Algys .
Stefan - Mon Aug 23 05:03:12 2004  
Again I can only reiterate all the comments made in this Guest Book. Algy and all his team seem to never sleep. Sveta is certainly always there.

I have no hesitation in recommending Algy.

West Yorkshire
Douglas MacDowall - Tue Aug 17 07:03:33 2004  
Having read through all the comments in the guest book I'm struggling to add to any of the comments. All I can do is back everyones positive remarks. We had ordered a Figaro up here in Edinburgh untill I found Algys site, the order was cancelled tha tevening and a new order placed with Algy. We saved 2000 on the price of the car, she is a few months newer and had done 18,000 miles less. The whole procedure wasa walk in the park, no hassle, she was in A1 condition and goes like a dream. 7 hours from Bristol to Edinburgh ... what can I say. Keep getting asked what kind of car she is, very reluctent to say as we don't want evryone to have one in the area!

Algy, Sveta, Keith and all the lads have been fantastic in all departments. Very fast to reply, very professional and great to deal with. Why can't all comapanies be like this.
I'm looking forward to 3 weeks time when out Toyota Surf comes in too.
I would recommend Alygs Autos to anyone out there If you have any initial doubts about ordering a car off the internet and never seeing it.. don't bother you'll enjoy the whole procedure. I have already spread the word north of the border. If you see a Lapis grey nissan Figaro in Edinburgh the chances are it's me!
Thanks again
Andrew Fielder - Sun Aug 15 06:53:08 2004  
Yesterday I travelled from Swansea to collect my superb Pajero 2.8 TD SWB from Keith at Lodway garage. His attitude was typical of everyone involved in Algy's Autos. He was very helpful, warm and welcoming. He took time to take me out in the vehicle and demonstrate all the features. Special thanks for fitting the CD player and four speakers (superbly done despite having to practically dismantle the inside in order to fit it. Nice job Keith ;-). I am very pleased with the vehicle and it has been well worth the wait.

Throughout the import process Svetlana's responses to my e-mail's were always very quick, very courteous, informative and reassuring.

Algy was very professional and helpful in advising me what I needed to do. A true Gent!

All in all the entire process was as swift as it could be (no time was wasted anywhere). I would like to thank everyone involved. I would
recommend importing a vehicle with Algy's Autos to anyone.

A quality service and quality vehicle.

Regards, Andrew Fielder.
Brendan king - Wed Aug 11 10:12:51 2004  
Thankyou Algy and Sveta (at Algys Autos) Andrew(at BSL imports) and Keith at (Lodways Service Station Bristol) for an excellent service in obtaining and arranging importation of my superb low-milage Mazda Bongo weekend Camper.

I can commend this team, led By Algy, as legitimate, bone-fide, honest, reliable hard-working traders -- looking to give the very best of satisfaction to their customers -- the care to whom they show obvious, passionate, committment.

Keith, at Lodways, had serviced, MOTed, DVLC registered the vehicle, changed the cam-belt and added a new battery (even though the vehicle had done only 26.000 miles). He also added speedo and fog-lamps to UK regs. He also had professional body refurb / upgrade and internal valeting carried out so that this superb low- milage vehicle was in pristine showroom condition. All of this was included in Algys original price quotation.

Keith, also (as a seperate order) undersealed and added the special Bongo double electric tow-bar at a competetive price which was an ultra-convenient arrangement.

This 2.5 turbo-diesel is so fully loaded, and was unbelievably lively up the motorway, that we nearly got done for speeding it runs so fast, smoothly and quietly. There is no compact multi-purpose / camper van available in the UK to half match this for spec and performance -- even at double the price.

Your team, although small, friendly and easy to contact -- were very professional throughout. As a first-time "importer" I could not have done this without your excellent service. Thank you all very much indeed.

Note: I am a disabled driver and, as such, any disabled driver can obtain VAT and import duty relief on a used import vehicle if adapted in a simple way prior to entrance into the UK. This entitlement also allows VAT relief on future serviceing of any aspect of the vehicle whilst owned by the disabled person. I understand Algy will now fit simple push-pull hand controls (or similar simple adaptation) before exportation if parts and fitting instructions are supplied in advance by the customer.

This disabled persons concession offers a unique, significant and legitimate tax saving on a good- as-new used vehicle. It should be noted that one cannot obtain VAT relief on a used vehicle bought in the UK (and subsequently adapted for a disabled persons needs) unless the vehicle was adapted prior to first registration as a new vehicle. This represents a significant, immediate and ongoing saving on top of the already valuable savings obtained by importing directly through Algy's Autos.

Algy has indicated that he would pass on the full tax saving to the disabled customer with only the small labour cost of adaptation deducted. Forget Motability Leasing schemes -- this is the cost-effective way to fully own a great adpated vehicle to fit a disabled persons lifestyle!

I am happy to advise disabled drivers / potential non-driving owners to obtain relevant forms and clearance certificate from Customs and Exise and guide them through a relatively new tax relief entitlement process. email kngbrndn@aol.com

Brendan King (very satisfied customer)
Kathy Miller - Sun Aug 8 11:50:54 2004  
Hi Algy
We spoke on Thursday from Lodway, courtesy of Keith, after picking up my nissan Figaro. As we said the car was in mint condition, as you promised, looking and feeling good. Keith and his lads had done a terrific job, and we have loved driving the car over this weekend. The service that you, Svetlana and Keith and his staff provide is fantastic and all our initial doubts about the transaction have been proved unfounded. We would recommend you to anybody interested in buying an exclusive imported Japanese car.

We paid three visits to Lodway, firstly to meet Keith, secondly to see the figaro straight from the docks and thirdly to pick up the finished article. On each occasion we had a laugh with Keith and his lads, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We are beginning to get used to the celebrity status that owning a Figaro bestows on any driver!! What value for money!

Kathy Miller
David Dunford - Sun Aug 8 02:11:51 2004  
Hi Lux Surf 3.0 SSX-G is immaculate for year. A pleasure to drive. A good company to do business with.
Jason Freeman - Tue Aug 3 10:26:47 2004 First impressions
Just contacted you today after having a recommendation from one of my customers who is buying a new set of wheels for the car you're getting from him. My first impression was that you were very knowledgable about the vehicle that I want and I was very impressed with your manner and desire to help. I shall definately be back in the new year to by my MR2 Turbo.
Debz - Tue Jul 27 15:28:41 2004  
It's me again! Does any one know if you can buy an awning for the mazda Bongo?
debz - Tue Jul 27 15:26:12 2004  
Hi Algy
Just received my Figaro - Bridget last weekend and what a babe she is. So pleased with the service I've received from start to Keith picking us up at the air port and giving us a guided tour of the docks and work shop - we are ordering a Bongo.It is always a risky buying something over the net - but Algy, Keith, Svett and the girls at the shipping office - Laura - have all been great. i would recommend them to any one - except I don't want too many Bridgets driving about! Thanx again Algy and Keith.
Debz (The mad Scottish Lass!!)
andy benson - Tue Jul 27 11:15:53 2004  
good site getting the money together be back soon.
Chrissie - Wed Jul 21 12:40:28 2004  
I have just drove my recently imported Nissan Figaro home from Keith @ Lodway, Bristol. I could not believe the car when i see it - just like I imagined. Thanks to Algy, Keith and BSL all i have had to do is part with money, and for those of you browsing the site; it is more than worth the wait. I want to say a massive thank you to algy for guiding me through the process- i didnt have a clue at first but i was informed every step of the way, and was very anxious too. I am now the very happy owner of a nissan figaro, it is everything i hoped and more.
will keep you in mind for the future Algy, thanks for everything.
Godwin - Mon Jul 12 05:24:53 2004  
Hi All, thanks For all the wonderful comments about Algy. He sounds a very nice chap. I am buying through him. Looking forward to a nice car and a wonderful Algy experience. will keep you updated
Ken Gill - Thu Jul 8 03:09:19 2004  
I've just collected my Eunos Roadster from Lodway in Bristol.Just thought I'd let everyone know the whole process has been completely painless with all going to plan. Full credit to Algy and his organisation for setting up and running such a fantastic business.I'll be in touch for another car in the future without a doubt.
Ken Gill - Wed May 5 07:11:15 2004  
I've just started the process of importing a car with Algy and so far so good...very efficient. Will update on completion and let you all know how good or bad it was.
steve williams - Thu Apr 29 06:20:56 2004  
after looking for a number of months for a pajero, algysautos gave me a fantastic deal, the car is perfect and will be delivered soon by kieth from bristol one of algys agents, could not ask for a better service, thank you very much
Brian Collinson - Wed Apr 28 17:05:04 2004  
Good site...visit regularly to view stock and changes. Will be buying Exceed towards the end of the year.
Currently collecting funds.
Regards BC.
MGBADA JOE ABA NAIJA - Thu Apr 22 09:57:08 2004  
Guy Chessall - Tue Apr 20 01:26:15 2004  
After much deliberation and soul searching I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Toyota hilux Surf and to say I'm delighted is almost an understatement. Yes, like all other first timers to the Algy experience, I was anxious about buying a car only from photos over the net from someone I'd never met, but the whole process has been easy and painless. Algy and his team really are very efficent, helpful and extremely good at what they do. If you are looking for a value-for- money car that is impeccably turned out(as close to perfection as you can get for a car which is 10yr old) , Algy is your man. Have there been any problems? One minor problem, in that the speedo/odometer conversion has probably interfered with the correct function of the cruise control, but I've no doubt that Algy will be true to his word and rectify that for me when I'm next passing Bristol. Many thanks to BSL, Keith and co.at Lodway, and of course Algy for a car buying experience second to none.
Kevin King - Sun Apr 18 08:28:14 2004  
To whom it may concern,
Parked on my drive is a stunning SWB 2.8 pajero fieldmaster. Brought through Algy autos.
Definitely not a computer expert but i found Algy Autos just by chance browsing (not really knowing what i was doing on the web) After looking through his web site on new years eve (to tired to go reveling the night away) i sent Algy an email. 11 o'clock new years day algy phoned me straight away i felt at ease talking to him, telling him what i was looking for. He found me the perfect car, with no pressure from Algy what so ever and having a good think wether i was doing the right thing buying a car over the internet and phone without even seeing the car, i went for it!
Algy and his team were brilliant keeping me informed on what was happening all though the buying and shipping to the point of me collecting the car.
When i finally saw the car it was everything algy said it would be. Keith at Lodway service station Bristol (a real character) aranged all the finishing extras i wanted on my Pajero and i would like to thank him and his staff for all their help.
Linda at BSL shipping was great, with lots of Algy cars to deal with she was very helpful and efficient with all the import dealings and i would like to thank her too.
And finaly Algy himself, i now look at him as a friend and without even meeting the chap! His personal service and dedication to finding me my perfect car. Keeping me informed by email or phone which he knew i prefered not being a computer whiz kid!!! I would like to give him a big thank you!
May be its the cyprus sun and good life which gives him the dedicated professional service he provides, i cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me, Im one happy man. I wish Algy autos all the success in the future.
So if you are thinking of buying a car from Algy GO FOR IT!!! you wont be dissapointed i promise! Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts.

Yours happily
Kevin king

Peter Tantag - Wed Mar 24 19:53:51 2004  
Keep the good sales...
Trevor Townsend - Tue Mar 23 01:45:42 2004  
Without doubt the best customer service I have EVER received. True to his word, Algy kept me informed throughout the whole time, even when there was a delay in the shipping. I must admit it was a bit nerve racking, parting with money across the internet for a vehicle I had never even seen, other than a photo. But, it was as Algy said, In perfect condition. If you are looking for a great car at a great price then I would look no further than Algy's Autos
Jock Tennent - Sat Mar 20 05:25:03 2004  
The Bighorn purchased from Algy is in excellent condition. I am glad that I didn't go for the Surf in the end. So much more car in the Bighorn for onl 200 more.The process did have itS problems and caused the usual doubts, (lot's of mone to strangers, for goods unchecked),however, the man himself sorted out any fears,doubts,and minor problems concerning the transaction. I am happy to recommend Algy's Autos and will use them again in the future.
Ken Johnson - Tue Mar 9 17:09:53 2004  
We have very recently completed the purchase of our Toyota Estima, which is a great hit with all the family- satisfying two teenage daughters takes some doing. We highly recommend Algy's company. The whole procedure was extremely efficient. Everyone involved ;-Algy, Linda from the shipping company and Keith and his colleagues from the servicing garage in Bristol were all really helpul. Where there were any (very minor) snags, everyone invoved was extremely couteous and dealt with them quickly.After sales service has also been very professional.
Good luck in buying you car from Algy.
Ken Johnson
Paul Butler - Tue Mar 9 13:54:38 2004  
Yes, sending lots of money to someone for a car you've never physically touched is daunting. However, the car in the picture is the one which does turn up. It's really easy & Algy is a gent.

Just bought an Estima; there's not another Brit spec MPV like them. We chose to pick it up from Bristol & the garage was dead easy to find. They are used cars, but compared the others we'd looked at, ours is in very good condition. Overall we're really pleased with the car, the price & the service.

Vernon Cowley - Thu Feb 26 11:45:32 2004  
Have recently rceived our Estima. It is in excellent condition as promised. It takes a while to get your car but Algy delivers what he promises with good after sales and is always contactable if you have queries. If you've not used his services before and are apprehensive feel free to contact me and I will relay my experience.
MARTIN PEAKE - Wed Feb 25 12:39:44 2004  
dave arnold - Thu Jan 22 10:33:22 2004  
Hey Algy,

Just received the Roadsters, Pajero's and Estimims from the docks.

Once again excellent quality vehicles as usual, anyone thinking of bying from you shouldnt think twice.

Got to say a massive thanks to Andrew and LinDa, private joke there, for their help which really did go beyond the call of duty with a customs problem we came across which they took off my hands and they solved it straight away !!

Cheers Dave
Denis Lawlor - Mon Jan 19 15:40:40 2004  

Like some of the other comments I too was worried about parting with cash before seeing the Bighorn. But now after all the good service by Algy and running the car for a few weeks I am happy to recommend Algy to anyone and everyone.

I am glad I had the car yeaterday, as I had to pull a 3 ton roller out of a ditch - it did it in 4 wheel drive without going to low ratio - just a wicked motor and a happy owner.

Best Wishes

ian duff - Thu Nov 20 12:57:22 2003  
hi just wanted to know if you ever come across etima emina limited edition on you serch for toyota as i have just bought one in england (stockport) i think the estima is a wonderfull vehicle with lot's of toy's regards ian ......
paul & zofia cairns - Sat Nov 1 01:25:09 2003  
Thanks for an excellently prepared web site and pics.....we shall certainly consider your estima range for the future.
Simon Bowkett - Fri Oct 24 09:12:36 2003  
For anyone thinking of buying through Algy, I've got to say I highly recommend him. After initial reservations about wiring a lot of money to a Cypriot bank account, Algy explained the whole process and put me at ease. From sourcing the vehicle, through the import process, to getting it "on the road" in the UK I have received nothing but the very best service. I cannot speak highly enough of the service we received in getting our Estima from him. Incidentally, I'm not a "made up person"! Feel free to email me to check the authenticity of this glowing reference!!
Thanks, Algy... we've been delighted with both the vehicle and the service you gave!

Bob Anderson - Mon Oct 20 09:00:27 2003  
Received my Pajero couple of weeks ago
and can't believe how immaculate it was.
I was a little nervous when I first ordered
the car as like most people I was very
concerned about handing over a lot of money
for something I had never seen, apart from the photos that were e-mailed to me. The car is
immaculate inside and out and I'm very, very happy
with it. I would certainly buy from Algy again
and if anyone reading this is thinking of buying -
do it, you won't regret it !
Jackie Newton - Mon Oct 13 12:20:00 2003  
Hi there! Ive just recieved my lucy and it is superb everything as described and in an exelent overall condition, not a single mark on the body work and it passed the MOT with no comment! Just had a towbar fitted and have towed my 17 foot caravan with ease! Nice One Algy! Will recommend to any one!
P.S. I think the blonde girl on the sports car page deserves a Honda S2000 as i think this would look good on your web site!
Trina Wallace - Tue Oct 7 22:56:30 2003  
Long time no hear! Your cars looks great : ) Hope to visit your showroom soon.

All the best from the USA,

Dave Tripp - Mon Sep 22 07:27:34 2003  
I have a couple of questions to ask. What ports do you deliver to in my area Dorset? How do we know that the mileage hasnt been tampered with.
Andrew stokes - Tue Sep 9 14:18:25 2003  
I happend upon this site by accident, I wasn't looking for a new car, but when I saw my bighorn, I knew I had to have it. my misses took some persuading but the sheer professionalism shown by Algy and his team soon persuaded her. If I emailed Algy I got an answere within 2 yes that's 2 hours. even if the email was sent at 10 o'clock pm uk time!!! I would thouroughly recommend Algy and his team to anyone considering buying an import. It was easy, and uncomplicated. a real pleasure doing business. my advice, go for it!!!
Paul Butler - Mon Sep 8 13:21:56 2003  
Just intrigued
Stuart H - Sun Aug 31 13:22:31 2003  
I received my 2.5 Exceed last Thursday evening from Algy Martin, who delivered it personally, with a new MOT, to my door.

The quality of the vehicle is every bit as good as Algy said it would be, and is exactly as it looked on the photographs Algy had provided. The vehicle, although over ten years old, is in excellent condition both inside and out, with stunning leather seats showing no signs of wear - still, the vehicle has only done 39,000 miles from new, so why should there be?!.

From initially wondering if I'd done the right thing by transferring several thousand pounds to someone I didn't know in Cyprus on the premise of importing me a car from Japan, I am pleased to be able to say without hesitation that Algy Martin is true to his word and that Algy's Autos can be thoroughly recommended!

Should anyone wish to contact me regarding my experience with Algy's Autos, please feel free to drop me an e-mail.


Stuart H

Stuart Hodgkiss
Steve O'Donnell - Sun Aug 31 03:33:25 2003  
I took delivery of a Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 Exceed last night delivered in person by Algy and his driver Sue. My new truck is everything Algy said it would be, a 5 star quality used vehicle with everything working and fully serviced in Cyprus. The whole process of buying the car was painless, with Algy's people keeping me informed of progress as it happened. I am a delighted customer.

The used car business is famous for dodgy characters, however my experience of Algy (and his people) is that he would rather have an unblemished reputation for customer service and quality than any amount of money.

It is my personal view that Algy's Autos is a good, quality, reputable business that really cares about getting it right, and I recommend them unreservedly.

My email address and contact number are on my web site. Drop me a line if you want further information.

Paul Gallagher - Thu Aug 7 13:53:21 2003  
What ever possessed me to send 6500 to a bloke in Cyprus for a car I had never seen, I'll never know. But as every one in this guest book has said, the car arrived (delivered to my door)in excellent condition. I am very happy with the deal and would not hesitate to recommend Algy's Autos to any one.Thank you for a great car.
Ian Michaelwaite - Mon Aug 4 04:52:49 2003  
A Big Horn!
I phoned a number of importers looking for LWB Pajero's or Big Horn's (Isuzu Trooper), and I have to say that the immediate level of service from both Algy and Babar in Japan beat the others hands down.
I eventually got a 7 seat Big Horn with less than 30,000 miles on it through the import scheme, and 5 days after I collected from the docks, I was on the road.
Proof of how good a service is provided is usually only seen when there is a problem, and I had a small problem with overdrive not working. Algy didn't dodge responsibility (which I'm sure he could have quite easily!) and made sure that it was reapired at no cost to me.
thanks again

Ian Westwood - Wed Jul 16 15:08:10 2003  
Im a private buyer and wanted a 4x4 for the first time since I have a large caravan and my Mrs had been pestering me, I decided on a Pajero since I like the shape, but the prices. well you know about them.
Came across Algy and at first, like others I guess, there was no way I was going to buy a car without even seeing it.
Algy phoned me a couple of times and convinced me it was a good thing to do, out of the blue I suddenly said ok, chose my car by colour really and wheel base size, and that was the start of my worries.
Algy was in touch with me regular, filling me in on where my car was up to, so was his secretary and the shipping company too.
I had arranged to have it delivered to my door, (a good 150+miles each wayI dont know how they do it for the money).
Well got the calls from Algy saying car was in dock then it was off for MOT, then early sunday morning, 7am to be precise it arrived
What a reief all that worry for nothing.
Ive been to all the local and not so local dealers as far as Liverpool,and they are 2000 dearer than Algy, oh and if its got fancy wheels on like mine they stick another 500 on the price. I know I nearly bought one. One thing I did notice at most dealers too, the tyres were a bit thin, and these are quite an expensive item, Algy put new tyres on mine, without me even knowing.
All I can say is my car is immaculate and Im really pleased with it.
Algy is a nice guy (I have met him) and up to now has been true to his word, he even phones me up to check Im still happy with it, What dealer would do that?
The cars great, I think you may be able to see some pics of it on his site??
Would I do it again? Yes I would. next time without all the worry.
Hope this helps anyone interested in purchasing a car in this way.
Thanks to Algy and all his staff, and I look forward to meeting you again maybe in Cyprus? or if your passing?
Ian Westwood
Webmaestro - Tue Jul 8 00:16:26 2003 Top Secret Website
Very nice website. Please visit my website!!! :)
kenny Alaka - Wed Jul 2 16:56:48 2003  
Can U explained why most cars are registered late model years,and i can be sure that the mileage in japan was not tamper with.However,i looking for Previa /Estima low mileage,auto,acetc.between 3-5years ,and what's is the different between the 2cars
Colin & Cathy Cranfield - Fri Jun 13 09:34:37 2003  
Very impressed with the way our order was handled and the vehicle is is good condition for the age and price on the import scheme
Aaron Newton - Wed Jun 4 07:39:42 2003  
My Partner and I Had been looking for an MX5 for a few weeks on the internet when we stumbled upon "Algy's Autos"! We Saw a Beutifull roadster unlike any other!
We umed and arred about it for a few days deciding wether or not int was dodgy, I decided one evening to give this Algy fella a ring and he couldn't of been kinder, I explained my worriesabot handing over a huge wedge of cash for an image on the web and he directed me to all his shipping companies who satified my worries!
We Ordered her and six weeks later it arrived!
Absolute blinder of a car, better than expected We,re one happy pair of Customers!!!!!!!
Thank You Algy!
dave arnold - Tue Jun 3 02:15:39 2003  
Hi Algy,

Just want to say thanks for the Pajero Ive recently bought from you, the condition was better than vehicles I've bought from other suppliers. The service received all down the line has been excellent. I'd also like to thank all at the shipping company you use, BSL in the UK, for their assistance, very helpful and for once a company who know what their doing, cheers dave
dave neil - Thu May 29 13:49:34 2003  
hi im dave this was my first 4x4 2.5tdi i talked to algy on the phone he convinced me but so do they all but i had only 150 deposit to lose so i went for it its the best buy ive ever made its now a few weeks later and its pristine thanks algy

Tim R Larsen - Thu May 29 10:46:56 2003  
I wanted a decent quality 4x4 for my touring caravan. After looking around at local garages the vehicles in my price range were disapointing to say the least!

I found ALGY's AUTOS on the internet, and I admit at first was concerned (who wouldn't be) about buying a car that I hadn't seen, direct from Japan.

Well let me tell you if you are considering this option - DO IT!

I have the utmost praise for Algy, his staff, and his EXCELLENT service he has provided me with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to you if you want a good quality used car, that beats the pants off anyone else.

If you are worried about doing it, then dont be. Algy is the best!
careg pretorius - Thu May 29 07:41:17 2003 Sales Manager
Our dealership was looking at the option of importing Mistibishi Pajeros, this was a new venture for us. Algy and his staff were very helpful, knowledgable, and professional, I will not hesitate to recommend Algys Autos, I will be using his services again.

Careg Pretorius
Sales Manager - Stillorgan Renault
Clifton Gare-Mogg - Thu May 29 07:07:19 2003  
I am a private buyer and I was looking for an excellent deal on an MPV for my growing family. Not only were Algy's Autos able to source me a better MPV then available here in the UK, they were able to under-cut any deal here with a better spec, lower milage car. There was an issue with my inital selection and this was pointed out when they could have been under hand about it. I fully endorse Algy's Autos and would be happy to be contacted for reference. Clifton.
Algy - Thu May 29 05:55:20 2003  
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