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Customer Testimonials - Mazda Bongo





Listed below are testimonials from customers that have purchased Mazda Bongo Via Algys Autos Import Scheme:


Searched the local papers and garages and then found Algys Autos website. Bought the car from Japan in January and Algys arranged everything from start to finish. Collected the car 3 months later and not only was it exactly as described it was better than expected AND saved me over £2000. Great system!

A Doyle



Leap of Faith! People thought I was barmy sending money to someone I didnt know to buy a car I hadnt see!

Got the car.......I think you are Barmy NOT to buy from Algys Autos!!

Best thing I ever did!

Andy Swanage, Hoddesdon.


Simple Brilliant system! Advice:


Brian Walters


The Prices and Quality Cannot be beaten............Ive done it and checked. Fantastic.

Ms Mary Jacobs, Totnes, Devon


Dear Algy,
I picked up my Ford Freeda yesterday and it is hard to beleve it is an R reg, more like an 05 model, I did have doubts about ordering from someone I have never met, about buying a vehicle I had never seen, let alone test drive, but , fingers crossed, I can breathe a sigh of relief, all my phone calls and E-mails were answered promptly, photos of the vehicle were E-mailed to me, all questions were answered,in fact when I did have a slight problem you assured me that you wanted me to be a happy customer and helped me out in a more than satisfactory way, many thanks to you and to the guys at Hallen.



Its true. Their prices are un-beatable.

Lester Williamson-Gauge


Collected my car from Bristol Import Garage. Dave and Deana a pleasure to deal with. Car drives great. I will deffinatly buy my next car from Algys Autos as well. Takes a while to arrive but well worth the wait!

Andreas Demitrou. Harrow


If Algys were to move up here to Scotland the other traders would see how it SHOULD be done! Prices, service and customer care is better than great.

P. Grimes, Fife.


Just a quick word to say thanks to Algy, Svet and all the team for sourcing an electrical part to get the fan going on my Bongo and all for the sum of goodwill!!!
Nice to know there are traders that value their customers so much.


algy, many thanks for the service you and keith in Bristol gave my wife and myself.We LOVE our Freda she was in PRISTINE condition when we picked her up last Saturday.All the way back to Wales we had smiles on our faces,we will definitely use your services again. ....................Joe Hill



Car arrived as described and saved me a fortune...........bit worrying sending money and not getting the car. Wife thought I was mad. Now we got the Bongo she is saying it was her idea!!

Rob Berryman. Barnsley


Picked my Camper up from HIS 3 months ago............not missed a beat! Great service. Wonderful people. Very helpful Tahnks to you all.

Joanna Deanshaw


Ordered the car and left it all to Algys crew. Collected it from Bristol garage and went straight off on holiday to Europe with the lads on tour!!! Fab. Had to phone Deana at the garage for her to prove to the guys what I paid for it. They didnt believe me. haha.


Graeme (and the 'A Team')


When I casually informed my wife I had placed a deposit on a large silver van that was (at the time) sitting on a dockside in Japan she looked at me slightly oddly. I then told her the fella I had bought it from was somwhere in cyprus and the lady organising the whole thing was on holiday in Latvia but not to worry as everyone was 'very helpful'. It was at this point that she phoned her Mother.

It is a rare thing for a man to feel so thoroughly vindicated as when we went off to Lodway acouple of months later to collect our mighty Bongo! Not only was the vehicle in beautiful condition but the various modifications I had requested from Keith (a legend in our house) had been carried out perfectly.

If you are considering a Bongo save yourself 2K and buy one from Algy's. They are well organised, excellent at answering questions and informative every step of the way about the various bits and pieces that have to be done.

I can't recommend them highly enough!




Just to say thanks from Tom and Jean. Great system. Better prices than anywhere we can find

T&J McDouglass. Cardiff. Wales


Got my Black Bongo on Friday and want to say a big thank you to Algys. Quality and price is best in the UK.



Algys Import Scheme is the way to do it. Tried to do it myself. Why bother? Algy does it better and cheaper. If you are consisering doing it, my advice is do it now.

Mr A Jones


£4700 for my N Reg Bongo and it is great condition with 24,000 miles. Brilliant.

Got to say a big thanks to you all. You have a great system.

Mr and Mrs D Brianson


Just picked up my Bongo on Saturday 13/11/04. Really please with the specs and condition of the vehicle. What started as a leap of faith has ended with complete satisfaction-its nice to know there are people around who really value the promises they give you. Well done Algy. Keith & crew.

Simon Pannett


Lovely people to do business with. My Bongo is everything as described. Sveta is always at hand to answer my emails and telephone calls. Not sure she EVER goes to bed! Highly recommended

Michael Rowley


If you are looking to buy a good quality, good value Bongo stop looking and buy from here. I bought my Freda from Algys Autos and couldnt be happier. The Import scheme is a hell of a good idea. Very happy.

Sue and Jeff Partridge


Good value, good system and lots of fun. Saved loads and can sell the bus in a years time for as much or more than I paid for it. Buy from Algys. A1+++++++++++++++

Marky Boy


thanks to all at algys auto and those in the uk, ive bought a car before from another supplier and had nothing but problems and this really put me off, not this time tho, the car was exactly as algy had described it, the boys at bristol were superb and the girls at bsl were more than helpful, if you're still undecided about buying a car off the internet, this is the company to use

Steve Wood




System is so simple and I will be telling everyone about you

Lucy Banks


Bought 3 cars from Algys now on the Import Scheme. sold the other 2 for more than I paid for them.

Thats what I call a good deal

Mr L. Preston


hi algy, finally took delivery of my bongo's and the granvia we have been chatting about for ages. theres not much i can add to the comments already posted on here, from the initial emaili sent to algy with the follow up telephone call from algy and then the contacts with andrew at barratt shipping who convinced me that all was 100% as it was made out and that as he personally drives a car he bought from algy to go for it. the girls at barratt handled everything for me with regard to the daunting task of dealing with uk customs and all the cars were available the day after the boat came into bristol. ive now just collected all three cars from keith and keith was the final piece of the jigsaw having fitted cd players and everything. once again thanks to allinvolved and i have just placed another order with algy on the strength of these first 3 vehicles

Wayne Thompson


Thankyou Algy and Sveta (at Algys Autos) Andrew(at BSL imports) and Keith at (Lodways Service Station Bristol) for an excellent service in obtaining and arranging importation of my superb low-milage Mazda Bongo weekend Camper.

I can commend this team, led By Algy, as legitimate, bone-fide, honest, reliable hard-working traders -- looking to give the very best of satisfaction to their customers -- the care to whom they show obvious, passionate, committment.

Keith, at Lodways, had serviced, MOTed, DVLC registered the vehicle, changed the cam-belt and added a new battery (even though the vehicle had done only 26.000 miles). He also added speedo and fog-lamps to UK regs. He also had professional body refurb / upgrade and internal valeting carried out so that this superb low- milage vehicle was in pristine showroom condition. All of this was included in Algys original price quotation.

Keith, also (as a seperate order) undersealed and added the special Bongo double electric tow-bar at a competetive price which was an ultra-convenient arrangement.

This 2.5 turbo-diesel is so fully loaded, and was unbelievably lively up the motorway, that we nearly got done for speeding it runs so fast, smoothly and quietly. There is no compact multi-purpose / camper van available in the UK to half match this for spec and performance -- even at double the price.

Your team, although small, friendly and easy to contact -- were very professional throughout. As a first-time "importer" I could not have done this without your excellent service. Thank you all very much indeed.

Note: I am a disabled driver and, as such, any disabled driver can obtain VAT and import duty relief on a used import vehicle if adapted in a simple way prior to entrance into the UK. This entitlement also allows VAT relief on future serviceing of any aspect of the vehicle whilst owned by the disabled person. I understand Algy will now fit simple push-pull hand controls (or similar simple adaptation) before exportation if parts and fitting instructions are supplied in advance by the customer.

This disabled persons concession offers a unique, significant and legitimate tax saving on a good- as-new used vehicle. It should be noted that one cannot obtain VAT relief on a used vehicle bought in the UK (and subsequently adapted for a disabled persons needs) unless the vehicle was adapted prior to first registration as a new vehicle. This represents a significant, immediate and ongoing saving on top of the already valuable savings obtained by importing directly through Algy's Autos.

Algy has indicated that he would pass on the full tax saving to the disabled customer with only the small labour cost of adaptation deducted. Forget Motability Leasing schemes -- this is the cost-effective way to fully own a great adpated vehicle to fit a disabled persons lifestyle!

I am happy to advise disabled drivers / potential non-driving owners to obtain relevant forms and clearance certificate from Customs and Exise and guide them through a relatively new tax relief entitlement process. email kngbrndn@aol.com

Brendan King (very satisfied customer)


Without doubt the best customer service I have EVER received. True to his word, Algy kept me informed throughout the whole time, even when there was a delay in the shipping. I must admit it was a bit nerve racking, parting with money across the internet for a vehicle I had never even seen, other than a photo. But, it was as Algy said, In perfect condition. If you are looking for a great car at a great price then I would look no further than Algy's Autos

Trvor Townsend


For anyone thinking of buying through Algy, I've got to say I highly recommend him. After initial reservations about wiring a lot of money to a Cypriot bank account, Algy explained the whole process and put me at ease. From sourcing the vehicle, through the import process, to getting it "on the road" in the UK I have received nothing but the very best service. I cannot speak highly enough of the service we received in getting our Estima from him. Incidentally, I'm not a "made up person"! Feel free to email me to check the authenticity of this glowing reference!!
Thanks, Algy... we've been delighted with both the vehicle and the service you gave!

Simon Bowkett