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Nissan Figaro in Stock

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Just some of the Nissan Figaro in stock. Each Figaro has a New Roof, Re-Dyed Carpets. Re-Conalised Leather Interior, Original Retro Cd Player FULLY Restored and up-graded, Umarked Exterior, Engine serviced including new Cam-Belt, Tensioners, Plugs, all Filters etc,12 Months Mot, 12 Months Tax, 6 Months Warranty (extendable). Scroll to the bottom of the page to see an updated list of Stock available or contact us via sales@algysautos.com


27,000 Miles
Price: 10,995
  23,000 Miles
Price: £10,495
  43,000 Miles
Price: £8995
  41,000 Miles
Price: £9495
34,000 Miles
Price: £ 8995
  43,000 Miles
Price: £8495
  33,000 Miles
Price: £8995
  34,000 Miles
Price: £9695


Dont forget to see our Nissan Figaro being Restored and also to visit our dedicated Website Figs4u Here is just a selection of some of the lower mileage Figaro on offer. All our Figaro start at £7495 in a fully refurbished condition all inc! All colours available including Barbie Pink at special request. We are THE Nissan Figaro Specialists and supply all colours including our famous Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro


  24,000 Miles
Price: £ 9895
18,000 Miles
Price: £ 10,995

39,000 Miles
Price: £ 8495


We are continually updating our Nissan Figaro for sale, you are always welcome to contact us direct on Freephone 0800 6347576 to be advised of the latest stock situation. Although we very rarely have Figaro 'ready to drive away' at the Bristol garage due to consistantly high demand for our superior quality, you are most welcome to visit and see cars that our being prepared

21,000 Miles
Price: £ 10,795
39,000 Miles
Price: £ 8895

15,000 Miles
Price: £ 10,995

You are looking at the wold's lowest mileage Nissan Figaro.

3441 Miles
Price: £ 11,995

Nissan Figaro in Topaz Mist with only 12,500 miles. 1 owner, superb condition. Topaz Mist 1 owner and 12,500 miles. £10,995


See the Nissan Figaro Video here (No tools or downloads necessary, running time 2 mins 06 secs)....Nissan Figaro Video

All our cars are fully refurbished and presented in immaculate condition with 12 months Mot and road tax and 6 months warranty. We have over 40 Figaro always in stock but most are reserved way in advance. Those that are currently available to be reserved for £1000 and balance upon collection / delivery:
 (up-dated 14th Aug 2008)
  1. Emerald Green 35,000 miles £9,795  Ref 228   RESERVED
  2. Emerald Green 15,000 miles £11,995 Ref 230  
  3. Baby Blue 48,000 miles £8495  Ref 236
  4. Lapis Grey 25,000 miles £10,295 Ref 237 
  5. Baby Blue 37,000 miles £9345 Ref 238
  6. Baby Blue 18,000 miles £11,495 Ref 239  RESERVED
  7. Lapis Grey 41,000 miles £8695 Ref 242
  8. Special order 39,000 miles £8695 Ref 244  RESERVED
  9. Lapis Grey 29,000 miles £9995 Ref 250
  10. Topaz Mist 42,000 miles £9395 Ref 252  RESERVED
  11. Emerald Green 41,000 miles, £9495 Ref 253
  12. Baby Blue 32,000 miles £9695 Ref 255
  13. Pink 61,000 miles £9995 Ref 256
  14. Topaz Mist 46,000 miles £8995 Ref 258
Algys Autos (Figs4u) Budget Figaro: For a long time we have been requested to supply Figaro of quality to the lower budget customer, this has always proved to be a problem as Algys Autos Figaro are known to be the very best in Figaro quality and are all fully refurbished, which naturally demands time and money. As more and more customers are requesting our help in sourcing better quality than is available elsewhere in the UK market-place, we are now offering the option of a lower budget Figaro. These Figaro are all sourced by our Japan garage in the normal manner with no compromise on quality. They are simply higher mileages at about 60,000 and are not fully refurbished to the exceptional standards of our other Figaro. They will each be OTR UK fully serviced, 12 months Mot, 12 months Tax, 3 Months Warranty (extendable), new roof, CD stereo serviced and with no known major faults. The car may have some minor cosmetic issues and marks but it will be of a far higher standard than otherwise available in the UK.
  1. Lapis Grey 61,000 miles £5995 Ref 257Z
  2. Emerald Green 64,000 miles £5995 Ref 270Z
  3. Topaz Mist 68,000 miles £6400 Ref 271Z


Nissan Figaro and Pink Nissan Figaro for sale at exceptional prices at Algys Autos! Also available in the Pyke range is the cute Nissan Escargot (Nissan s cargo) and Nissan Pao. See Algys Autos Nissan Figaro fully reconditioned cars which include new roofs, re-conalised leather interior and re-dyed carpets! Algys Autos are THE Nissan Figaro Specialist and offer the FULL Range of Nissan Figaro Colours including the Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro for sale at Algys Autos