Toyota Harrier, Lexus RX300 the Worlds most Luxurious 4x4 at Algys Autos Ltd
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 Toyota Harrier also named the Lexus RX300 in some countries

Toyota Harrier, Lexus RX300 the Worlds most Luxurious 4x4

The Toyota Harrier or Lexus RX300 is a midsize crossover SUV manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation. In North American and UK markets, it is sold as the Lexus RX series (such as the RX 300, RX 330 and RX 350). It is based heavily on the Toyota Camry platform, which it shares with the Kluger/Highlander. The Harrier was introduced in Japan in 1997 and the RX 300 at the 1998 North American International Auto Show. It quickly became Lexus's best-selling model. It was one of the first crossover SUVs on the market and served as a model for following designs.

First generation (1998-2003)
The first-generation Toyota Harrier (codename SXU10 and MCU10 for the front wheel drive models, and SXU15 and MCU15 for the four wheel drive models) made its debut in December 1997. Two engines were available, the 2.2L 5S-FE I4 which produced 139hp JIS (102kW) and 191Nm (140ft·lbf), and the 3.0L 1MZ-FE V6 which produced 219hp JIS (161kW) and 304Nm (224ft·lbf). Both engines could be specified with either front or four wheel drive. All models came with an automatic transmission as standard, with the V6 version having the Sportmatic +/- feature. The Toyota Harrier was a sales success, and many appear in European markets badged as the Lexus RX300.

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Lexus RX300 or Toyota Harrier, both cars share the same name and design although different names in different countries tpyota harrier lexus rx300 ultimate luxury car from toyota special luxury workshops

Model Name Lexus RX300 or Toyota Harrier
Production 1997–2003
Assembly Kyushu, Japan
Engine(s) 2.2L, 5s-SE-14, 139 hp JIS (102 kW) & 191 Nm (140 ft·lbf)
3.0 L 1MZ-FE, V6, 219 hp JIS(161 kW) & 304 Nm (224 ft·lbf)
2.4 L 2AZ-FE , 159 hp JIS(117 kW) & 221 Nm (163 ft·lbf)
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase '99-'00: 103.1 in
'01-'03: 103.0 in
Length '01-'03: 180.3 in
'99-'00: 180.1 in
Width 71.5 in
Height 65.7 in
Fuel capacity 19.8 US gal


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