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Mini Vehicles or Kei cars from Japan

Kei Cars fo sale UK Rgistered direct from Japan to UK.

The ‘Mini’ Car or Kei car as it is correctly called in Japan category originated in the Post war era of the Second World War, when most of the Japanese public could not afford a full sized vehicle, yet many had enough money to purchase a motorbike. So to promote the growth of the car industry, the kei car category was introduced by the Government. The category was originally limited to a tiny 150 cc then in 1949, dimensions  Daihatsu Copen for sale UK Algys Autos UK and engine size limitations were slowly expanded to tempt more car manufacturers to produce the kei cars. In 1955 the engine size was increased to 360 cc as the upper limit, and so the Kei class began taking off, with cars from Suzuki and Subaru 360, saw the first mass produced kei car able to fill people’s need for basic transportation. Over the following years and decades subsequent goervments introduced increased engine sizes and body dimensions under increasing manufacturer’s demnds and pressures.
In March 1990, new standards were again introduced. An extra 110 cc was added and now allowed in a slightly larger (100-mm longer) bodyshell. These changes came at a time when the Japanese economy was booming, so all manufacturers quickly developed new models to suit.
The regulations on horsepower has been increased due to the fitment of turbochargers to these little engines during the late 1980s to cope with the lack of horsepower. The installation of turbochargers also had a benefit of increased fuel efficiency, which also reducd tailpipe emissions, which are also taxed in Japan.So it’s a win-win with the installation of turbos making the vehicles very fast and nippy relative to their size.

In 2009 Electric kei were introduced by Mitsubishi Motors. The car in Japan is called the i-MiEV, it uses a 63-hp permanent-magnet motor. Current models charge overnight in 14 hours from home mains, or in 30 minutes from quick-charging petrol stations. The range is between 62 miles and 99 miles. Algys Autos can of course import any of these little Kei Cars as passenger vehicles or even commercial little flat bed and carry vans via the Import Scheme. Algys Autos actually have been using a Daihatsu Kei Commercial Van for many years, the car cost almost nothing to run on fueal and servicing is so simple, it has not cost us anything on repairs and is a tremendous advertising and promotional vehicle!

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