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The Mitsubishi Delica D5: Bold New Design That’s Built for Performance

There’s nothing quite like the Mitsubishi Delica line of vehicles. 

The car world has gone the way of the SUV and crossovers. Drivers don’t necessarily value speed, sleekness, or small size anymore. What they want is something practical and spacious with good manoeuvrability and gas mileage.

The Mitsubishi Delica is the perfect fit for that kind of mindset. The Delica is Mitsubishi’s answer to the growing world of SUVs. Part cargo van, part SUV, the Delica is the perfect blend of luxury and utility.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the many features of the Delica, which is now available to be imported into the UK. The 2019 D5 is the latest in a long line of Delica production and features all the latest technology in this classic Japanese utility vehicle. Let’s dig in.

History of the Mitsubishi Delica

The Delica was originally concocted in 1968 by Mitsubishi. The original design was based on a pickup truck and a van, which was introduced the previous year. The name is based on combining the words “delivery” and “car”. 

It’s about as quirky as it sounds and it’s been used as a 6-seat people carrier for the good people of Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and many other Asian markets. It’s been sold in many forms under many different names in many different places over the years, but the D5 is the best version of the Delica that we’ve seen.

The Delica’s signature look has evolved out of a strange combination of an MPV and an SUV that will certainly have many UK car buyers taking a second and third look. When the Delica D5 debuted in the mid-2000s, Mitsubishi was able to expand the vehicle to become an 8-seater without sacrificing any of its former glories.

The D5 has gained popularity as a camper van in places like Australia, where the appeal of an 8-seater van that can take people offroading reigned supreme. This year’s Urban Gear model lost a couple of seats but is a nice blend of new technologies and aesthetics with a proud nod to its predecessors.

What’s New for 2019?

As we stated, the all-new D5 Delica is back to the basics, in a sense. It comes in two trims, each with its own unique style and technical approach. There’s the Standard model and the Urban Gear model.

In general, the Delica takes a lot of design influences from some of Mitsubishi’s other overseas lines. The arrangement of the headlights is very much in the same ilk as the Xpander, while the larger, bolder grille looks like it could fit nicely on a Strata.

The LED headlights have been moved toward the middle of the bumper and the daytime lights have been moved up. The taillights too have been subject to change as well, taking on a more angular shape as opposed to the former square shape. 

The sides and rear of the 2019 Delica appear to be relatively unchanged from the last few versions of the van. The Standard trim does take on a bit of a sportier look with skid plates at the front and rear, a higher ride height, and a 7-spoke wheel instead of the 5-spoke that you get with the Urban Gear trim.

The Urban Gear is intended to be a more elegant vehicle with an emphasis on luxury and overall comfort. You’ll notice a lot more chrome, a body kit, a slatted grill, and those 5-spoke wheels we mentioned earlier.

Both versions of the Delica have an incredibly spacious interior. Inside the Standard trim, you’ll be getting 2nd and 3rd-row bench seats, allowing for 8 passengers total.  It’s a great vehicle for a long road trip.

With the Urban Gear trim, you do lose 2 seats with the 2nd-row captain’s chairs that are designed for optimal comfort for the passengers as well as the driver.

Why You Need a Mitsubishi Delica D5

All of these new Mitsubishi Delica’s come with added safety features and brand new technology that make it a hard bargain to turn down. If you’re someone that’s carrying a lot of people on or off-road, then this may just be too good of an option to turn down.

There isn’t anything like the Delica in the UK, so you’d be driving a true one of a kind. Here are some of the safety and advanced technological features that you’ll get when you hop into a D5.

Safe and Sound

Automatic Safety Control helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle when it senses a loss in traction. Being a 4WD vehicle, this is a valuable technology when taking the Delica on rougher terrain.

A state of the art Anti-Lock brake system, as well as an all-new Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system, helps you keep control of the car when emergency braking. EBD automatically changes the amount of force put on each of the Delica’s brakes based on weight distribution, speed, and road conditions.

You’ll be able to switch back and forth between 2WD and 4WD, depending on what you’re doing with the vehicle. If you’re on a motorway, then you can get better traction while you’re carrying a full car with 2WD. If you’re in a low-traction situation like off-roading, then you can switch to 4WD and have a comfy ride.

Lastly, the Delica is equipped with the RISE body system. The Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution system has energy-absorbing front and rear sections with a rigid occupant sell for extra protection in the event of a collision. Underneath the body is basically a protective steel cage to keep you safe from harm on the road.

Get Your Delica D5 Shipped to the UK

The Mitsubishi Delica D5 is undoubtedly an interesting but fun, practical, and safe vehicle that will have your friends and other drivers admiring it. There aren’t many in the UK, so get yours imported with Algys Autos. We can import any car from Japan to the UK, fully registered and that includes this amazing SUV.

Visit our site to start the process of importing your Delica and while you’re there, check out our blog to read more posts about the incredible Japanese vehicles that are more available to you than you thought.


  • Karl Thompson| 3rd March 2020 at 2:46 am Reply

    Hello I would like to import a near new 2017-18 delica active gear to new zealand are you able to assist please.
    Kind regards
    Karl Thompson.

    • algys autos| 3rd March 2020 at 6:02 am Reply

      Hi, we can try to assist you, please send us an email from our website ‘contact’ page, put some deatils. thanks.

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