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The Nissan Elgrand first manufactured in Japan in 1997 and is pure class. This luxury vehicle will catch your attention just at the first glance. It comes in various models such as the E50, the E51 and the E52. The 1st generation vehicle was produced from May 1997 – May 2002. In 2002 Nissan Elgrand Rider version was introduced with 5 door and exclusive front bumper & billet grille. While the second generation, Nissan Elgrand e51 was introduced in May 2002 and primarily competes with Honda Elysion and Toyota Alphard. The Nissan Elgrand is an eight-seater vehicle. It is just the perfect vehicle that you need for a vacation or a family retreat.  The quality of this vehicle is amazing with its impressive features, power and style.

Nissan Elgrand Highway Star supplied for sale fully UK registered direct from Japan with V5 and Mot, algys autos best value in UK, fact!
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