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Terms & Conditions

Vehicles direct Import from Japan supplied fully UK registered



Terms and Conditions of the Import Scheme

Registered Company No: 09190399  Vat Reg No: 220006287

1.) “We” (and related expressions like “us” and “ours”) refer to Algys Autos Imports Ltd, Established in 1996. Algys Autos is an Import / Supply Company and act as Agents Only, acting upon instructions of the customer.


2.) “You” (and related expressions like “your”) refers to you the customer who has approached Algys Autos Imports Ltd. for the purposes of purchasing a vehicle using our Import services. We shall be employed by you as Agent Only for this purpose. The vehicles are purchased on your instruction & on your behalf by us and never become the property of Algys Autos.


3.) Customers are invited to use our Import Scheme system for the Importation of a vehicle that you:

a) Request us to locate and purchase supplying us with the make, model and details of vehicle on your behalf available for sale in Japan at Trade Auction or other retail outlet. See 4a below.


b) Have found yourself and identified as available for sale in Japan, See 4b below.


c) have purchased or agreed to purchase yourself from a sales outlet in Japan, See 4b below.


wish us to take care of the correspondence, purchase, importation, conformity and UK registration. This can be arranged for the commission fee (£350 + Vat GBP) payable prior to commencement.



For Customers as per 3a above:

4a) We shall search and locate vehicles fitting your specification requirements. Send you details and translations as appropriate together with a well-informed estimate of the final OTR UK (On The Road Registered) price. If the vehicle is at auction, we will calculate the bid according to your submitted OTR Reg price. The Japan bidding policy is to allow a 5% rise in the biding if it is considered to be close to securing the car. The OTR price is always a well-informed estimate and never a quote and can never be 100% precise as many exterior factors have influence. These factors are, but not limited to; further delivery charge due to purchase location, Freight rate increases, Foreign Exchange (FX) rate increases. Generally the vehicles are supplied OTR UK reg under the specified customer’s bid but it can, on occasion be more. We accept no liability for additional price over the estimated OTR UK Reg. Payment for the vehicle including all associated fees to deliver the vehicle to point of export are due within 2x days of successful Japan purchase. This payment will be advised to you via our email once calculated.

The Commission Agent fee is fully refundable until the point of a successful instruction to purchase on your behalf. If no purchase is ever made, the Agent Fee is fully refundable with no charge for inspections or other services. Our Agent Fee of £350 + Vat is NOT included in the overall estimated OTR Price.

For Customers as per 3b & c above:

4b.) Once you have supplied us with the relevant details and documentation  plus fob price of the car (Fob is the term used to include the purchase of the car, vehicle documentation, transportation to the export docks and all associated fees) we shall give you a well-informed estimate of the total OTR UK Registered price. Details will include estimated UK OTR price including all taxes and duties, Mot / Iva preparation, mot and Iva test (subject to pass)*, UK Registration and number plates. Our Agent Fee of £350 + Vat is NOT included in the overall estimated OTR Price & neither is the UK Road Tax (Road tax can be arranged to be supplied with the car by the UK garage at cost price). The freight fees, UK Import duties and subsequent conformity testing costs are estimated by us using sound knowledge. We can not in any way be held responsible for fees if they in any way differ from the estimated ones supplied to you. They are lawfully payable to UK agencies and paid by you at cost prices.

The commission Fee is non-refundable after the instruction has been accepted and we have commenced our services. There is no reduction in fee for any ‘partial’ service.


5) What is included in the OTR UK Reg price (These prices will be a guide based on current costings and Fees, they are by no means a quote):


  1. The cost of the car in Japan i.e. what the car cost at Japan auction / dealership etc.
  2. Transportation to Japan docks, de-registration, clearances, export taxes
  3. Freight to Southampton Port, UK, UK Vat, Duty, Port Fees and clearance charges.
  4. Collection from Port (There may be an additional transportation charge to Bristol Garage if the vessel arrives at a different UK port and you want to collect from Bristol), Mot (subject to pass), IVA (if required), UK conversions to make UK Compliant.
  5. UK Registration & Number plates. (As of 01st October 2014 the law relating to UK road tax has changed. All UK Cars are no longer supplied with remaining road tax and all cars are now required to have a new road tax on new ownership. This cost is paid by the new owner. The garage will arrange UK Road tax for the car at cost price, 6 or 12 months can be requested)


6) What the Agent Fee covers:

  1. Sourcing, inspecting (Auction Only), advising and purchasing of the car on your behalf in Japan. (for 3a above)

Plus.   Arranging (For 3a, 3b and 3c above):

a          De-registration in Japan

b          Transportation from purchase site to Japan Port

c          Freight arrangements

d          Japanese Documentation

e          UK Vat/Duty and Port Fees

f           UK Garage to oversee the follow-on processing of your vehicle


7.) We will only be responsible for the vehicle as specified by you in our email correspondence. Please ensure that the vehicle you are requesting and pricing details are correct, as they will form the basis of the transaction in which you will be entering.

8.) If you do not pay the amount owed to us for the purchase price of the car in Japan on its due date, we will give you written notice of non – payment. If you do not pay this amount within 3 days of this notice, we will be entitled to terminate this agreement. We will be entitled to sell the vehicle to recover our losses. You will not be entitled to a refund of your Agent Fee. We reserve the right to seek any and all losses caused by clients bidding and subsequently declining payment of this invoice. Further, in all cases, title is not deemed to have passed to client until all payments due have been made in full.

9.) The estimated final price stated on the estimated fees document will include calculated import duty, import VAT, and shipment of the vehicle to the UK mainland (Southampton port by default,Bristol or other pre agreed port), MOT, first registration fee, number plates, IVA test (If required). Any compliance work will also be estimated, please note however that we cannot be held responsible for variable costs incurred due to MOT failure or changes in legislation that would require further expense to legally register the vehicle.

10.) Invoice “2” is payable as soon as the car has landed in UK. This invoice is payable in Sterling and covers the shipping agent charges for customs clearance and terminal handling, freight costs (unless freight has already been pre-paid – see note 28 below), import duty and VAT. The vehicle cannot be released from the port until this invoice is paid. Failure to pay may result in demurrage and administration charges from the port authority charged on a daily basis which are your liability should they result from your failure to pay the invoice. This payment is to be made to our UK Shipping Agents and NOT Algys Autos Imports Ltd. These details will be supplied in advance.

11.). Invoice “3” is payable in Sterling upon completion of all necessary compliance work, IVA testing, MOT testing and any work required to pass the MOT should a re-test be required at the UK Garage Agents will contact you a copy invoice and send you all details for collection and payment of the vehicle. This payment is to be made to the UK Garage Agents and NOT Algys Autos Imports Ltd.

12.) The vehicle delivery involves shipping of the vehicle from Japan to the UK port using an experienced and reputable shipping company; we therefore cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries or any rental imposed by the UK Port or 3rd Party Authorities. We will not be liable for economic loss, including any loss of bargain and additional costs of purchasing an alternative car, nor for the cost of alternative transport that you may incur between the date of placing the order and the final delivery, even in cases where the delivery date has changed. Delays in delivery are no reason for cancellation or any refund of costs.

13.) We will not be held in any way responsible for any damage / theft caused in transit from Purchase in Japan to Delivery in UK, whether it be to any of the UK Garages we recommend at or a third party. No such claim for any damage / theft will be considered by Algys Autos Imports Ltd. Responsibility rests entirely with you to request further cover if required for complete peace of mind. Please contact us to arrange this cover with the shipping company. Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for any cosmetic, mechanical or electrical vehicle defects whatsoever and act as Agents only for the purchase, importation and registration of your vehicle.

14.) Upon Port clearance your vehicle can be released to the garage that you instruct. We shall advise you some garages for you to consider completing the full UK registration process of your vehicle. You are welcome to select one of these garages, instruct a different garage of your choice or have your vehicle released to you at uk port arrival. The garages that we outline are well versed in the entire procedure of UK conformity preparation and Vehicle Registration. They are independent to Algys Autos. You are welcome to nominate a garage of your choice for this work or have the vehicle port released to any person that you request. We shall assist you as much as possible.

15.)  The UK Garage Agents will arrange documentation to register the car in the name and address that you have supplied to them. If you require them to register on your behalf you agree to provide a valid certificate of insurance based on the chassis number of the car and any other documentation required by the UK Registration Authority (DVLA) at point of registration. If you request that the Garage register the car this can be done for you at an additional expense payable before collection. All work requested at a UK garage is strictly an arrangement between you and the UK Garage, not Algys Autos.

16.) We take every effort in ensuring that the information presented on the website, in our emails and any other communication is correct and accurate. However we are dependent for this information on third parties and as such cannot assume responsibility for any errors and or omissions.

17)  Contained within our website under the heading ‘Stock’ are over 150,000 vehicles that Japan traders are permitted to use our Import facilities supplying UK customers their vehicles. Algys Autos will act on your behalf to try and ensure the condition and specification represents a true description. The greatest of care is taken in arranging the purchase and importation of those vehicles. We cannot be held responsible for any undisclosed faults, representation or cosmetic issues arising. Please ask to see T&C’s for this purchase procedure.

18) We will not be responsible for the legal consequences of you entering into contracts with third parties and we do not accept liability for any loss, damage or costs.

19)We act as Agents only in any purchase and at no time does the vehicle become our property. * see footnote.

20.) We will not be liable for any changes in legislation (including but not limited to UK Import and Registration regulations, IVA changes) after the point of purchase.

21.) If any clause herein described is later deemed unenforceable, the contractual terms will apply as if the latter had been omitted.

22.) This contract is governed by UK law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the UK Courts

23) Algys Autos Imports Ltd is by no means responsible for the conduct or service given by Japan or UK authorities or any third party.

24) Any extra equipment such as, but not confined to, additional wheels, sound systems, tyres or roof racks that are with the vehicle in Japan when purchased are left and remain with the vehicle and sent to the Japan port for export to the UK with the vehicle. We will make every effort to supply any extras that are with the vehicle but they do NOT form part of the vehicle sale / purchase price. It is often the policy of some Freight lines and Japan Ports to remove additional ‘inner-cargo ’ items and no such claim for replacement or financial compensation will be considered by any party including Algys Autos. Similarly, vehicles are often purchased with just 1x set of keys, many have duplicates but if a vehicle has only the 1x set or any are mislaid or are not presented to us upon purchase Algy Autos are not responsible for supplying additional keys. We shall however arrange duplicates, where possible, at the customer’s request and expense. Any service history remains with the vehicle, we cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event of it missing.

25) FOB is the term used to describe the purchase of the vehicle, export costs, taxes, delivery to port etc, CIF is FOB but also includes Freight to the UK. Sometimes it is necessary at the policy of the freight line that freight will be paid in advance of shipment. This can be freight line policy not Algys Autos. It also generally gets the vehicle shipped quicker and avoids any exchange rate fluctuation or increase in freight costs. The Freight lines in Japan are instructed as to the customer’s UK preferred port of choice. Although rare they do retain the right to send to an alternative UK port if there is a current expediential freight crisis, such as, but not limited to, time of war, vessel shortages, high freight demand. Algys Autos cannot be held responsible for any additional UK inland transportation costs incurred.


Ownership of the vehicle will pass to you upon payment for the car in Japan. This also protects you in the extremely unlikely event of Algys Autos entering financial difficulty as the Vehicle is your property not ours, the vehicle never becomes our property. Please note there is no right to cancel the vehicle purchase under UK Distance Selling regulations as:


  1. The vehicles are purchased upon your Instruction from Japan Companies that are not subject to such regulations.


  1. The vehicles are purchased upon your Instruction from Japan Companies that are not subject to such regulations.


  1. Algys Autos are acting as Agents Only on your behalf.

Algys Autos Imports Ltd

As Agents Only

Digitally signed today’s date as having read and understood.

I understand it my responsibility to question or have explained to me any term or item contained within these terms and conditions.

As Agents Only

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