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How to Find a Mitsubishi Delica for Sale at a Great Price

Having a four-wheel-drive vehicle is vital for those looking for adventure. Whether hunting or heading up to your cabin, four-wheel-drive makes everything easier.

One of the most popular options within the last 15 years for straying off the beaten path is the Mitsubishi Delica. In Canada in particular, the Delica has developed a cult status. It’s no wonder everyone is looking for a Mitsubishi Delica for sale!

Origins of the Delica’s Popularity

Particularly in British Columbia, the Delica has become very popular. One of the main reasons for this is Vancouver’s status as one of the worlds busiest ports. This makes it a natural port of call for connecting to Japan.

Japan is where many Delicas can be found. However, due to Japans frequent inspections, owning these cars can cost a lot of money. Japanese people also tend to prefer newer models to older models. Because of this, owners of Delicas are wary of having them around much longer.

The Delica’s meaning is a blend of delivery and car. This is a showcase of the original and its intentions. The Delica found itself with a 1.1 L engine back in 1968. The payload was just over 1300 pounds – this made it an ideal personal vehicle for business owners looking for a foray into deliveries.

Its forward control van arrived just a year afterwards, coming in both a cargo variant and also one with nine passenger slots. Originally, the Delica kept on until its second iteration in 1979.

The Delica is a great model, but they require a few different things to make them road safe. One of these is changing the headlights. 

Their headlight setup makes them very likely to blind oncoming traffic but can be fixed easily. A bigger factor is the right-hand drive – some drivers can find registering the Delica quite tricky.

Best Way To Get A Mitsubishi Delica For Sale

When looking for a Delica, you can follow many of the same tips when looking for cars in general.

When walking to the dealership, if you asked for the best possible price, it’s unlikely you will get it. Salespeople are very adept at negotiating with potential customers and avoiding giving a real price.

It is unlikely you know without comparison what the true asking prices are. This negotiation process can be tedious and can take several hours.

Many people fail to realize there is a backdoor for every car dealership. This allows a no-nonsense price of a car instantaneously. This backdoor is via the dealerships Internet sales department or fleet sales. Getting in touch with the online salesperson can be done by using phone numbers.

If this does not work, contact forms or email addresses can you find on the dealer’s website. If you need multiple quotes from multiple dealers, it is best to visit the manufacturer’s website.

You can even go so far as to build the car you want and then request quotes from dealers in the area.

Going via the Internet almost always works out less costly than shopping in person. This is because every dealership tends to be in competition with all the dealerships locally.

Searching online and getting quotes allows you to mitigate any leverage the dealership will try to use. Doing it this way you can lessen pricing games dealers will try and impose. This reason alone means that salespeople will give up the best price very easily.

When talking to salespeople on the phone, a lot of them will tell you to visit the dealership. Again, this is leverage. When on the phone, don’t agree to visit any dealerships and keep collecting quotes.

The more responses you get, the more you find how much quotes can go up and down. Dealerships can be haggled down by telling them you know of a better deal. 

While they may not necessarily drop the price, it can be worth trying out. This can help you to get more quotes more easily and get the true price for your car within an hour.

Playing Dealerships Off

There are a lot of dealerships that uphold a policy to meet the ones offered by other dealerships. Generally, dealers can only beat prices by a small margin.

Many dealerships ask you to visit in order to close the deal. This reason alone is why you wouldn’t want to request a dealer to try and beat prices until you are completely ready.

When you are in fact ready, and you think you’ve got the lowest quote, then you can begin to ask dealers to beat it.

Try your best to get solid figures on a great price over the phone – in the best circumstances, you want to have an idea of their out of the door price including all taxes and fees.

Paying Cash

There are a lot of customers that don’t realise financing is where dealerships make their profit. Finance managers often get a commission on sales. Using car finance via dealership will incur big financing charges. These charges are actually pure profit for the dealership.

It is also worth mentioning that finance managers can manipulate interest rates for more profit.

With a lot of complex terms, it can be tricky to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible when financing.

Pay monthly can lead to many different games by dealers. When buying cash, the exact price is often the protocol. If it’s not possible to pay cash, finance outside of the dealership via a loan, and look for the best rate and terms.

Getting Your Mitsubishi Delica

Trying to find the best price when looking for a Mitsubishi Delica for sale doesn’t mean you have to negotiate for a long time under stress.

Use the Internet to compare prices first, try and get the cash up to buy outright and don’t fall for all of the extras you may be offered. Doing this in this way means you can save thousands of dollars. Check us out for more info on how you can get hold of your Mitsubishi Delica!

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