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A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to the Mazda Bongo

Imagine an awesome weekend of camping with friends and family.

You cook eggs in your cosy kitchen. You do the dishes in your small (but efficient) sink. And then you lay down on your comfortable couch and take a nap.

When you wake up, you step outside under an awning and sit in a chair while enjoying the scenery. Meanwhile, someone is still sleeping upstairs.

Oh, did we forget to mention something? It’s worth noting that all this can happen in your vehicle!

The Mazda Bongo allows for more than transportation and spacious driving.

It can also get converted into a campervan for all your immediate needs. Since 1966, the Bongo has impressed. Owners from Japan to the UK and beyond love its space, practicality, and safe driving.

So — new year, new Mazda Bongo for sale in your future? 

Keep reading to see why it’s a fan favourite!

Let’s Look at the Specs

First, let’s note how intriguing it is to be able to sleep, cook, and drive in your vehicle. That’s just not possible in your average car! The Mazda Bongo is a little box of adventure!

Even if you don’t opt for the camping upgrades, it’s still a spacious, comfortable ride. This makes it perfect for larger families or people who require a lot of space for tools, equipment, etc.

The multi-purpose Mazda Bongo was first created in Japan but has a huge following and fan base in the UK. We import our Bongos straight from Japanese garages. And it has since become one of the most converted campers in the UK!

So, what features can you expect from your new Mazda Bongo?

  • Can transport up to 8 people in a comfortable manner
  • Ability to add cooking and washing facilities, making it a true “weekender” 
  • Can sleep up to 4 people
  • Engine options: 2.5 Turbo Diesel, 2.5 V6 Petrol, or 2000cc Petrol
  • 12 months of MOT certification. (Ministry of Transport approval which states vehicle is safe and environmentally-friendly) 
  • Fully registered for the UK, including speedometer conversion to mph 
  • UK-converted
  • Tin-top roof or elevating roof (elevated roof can sleep up to 2 people)
  • Options to install even more camper equipment 
  • A boxy shape that is about 5 meters long and about 2 meters wide

Of course, there are different models and versions of this vehicle. That means that some of the specs may change from vehicle to vehicle. Ask your car dealer for any details concerning the model of your choosing.

Although the Bongo is from Japan, most garages make sure it is fully outfitted for UK driving. (Ours included!).

Now, let’s be honest. You’re interested in knowing a little bit more about the camping side, right?

Keep reading — and start picking out campsites!

What Are the Camper Conversion Options?

Did you know that the average UK rent is £899 a month?

These high rents are encouraging some UK residents to try something new: “van dwelling.” There’s a whole UK subculture of van dwellers — those who take the minimalist approach while saving money, too.

Now, we’re not asking you to live in your Mazda Bongo. But the awesome thing is having the option to! The Bongo is able to function as both a home and a means of transportation.

So, what are your options when it comes to converting?

Elevating Roof

One of the Bongo’s most prominent features is its elevating roof. Not only does it provide a cool tent look, but it also sleeps up to 2 people comfortably. 

With the push of a button, the roof of the Bongo expands into a hearty 45° angle. It looks like a large half of a tent — hence the awesome sleeping capability.

The elevating roofs are rarer now but fear not. Even tin-top roofs can get altered so that they, too, have the ability to open. Dealers such as ours will add a completely fitted and trimmed roof for an extra (worthwhile) cost.

Cooking and Washing Facilities 

So you have a place to sleep — but what about dinnertime?

Some Bongos have (or can have) facilities such as a gas cooker, sink, waste, and table installed. This makes the van fully functional as a campervan, giving you a place to cook and clean up.

More Sleeping Room

We mentioned earlier that the Bongo can sleep up to 4 people. How can it do that?

Every seat in the Bongo (for all models) folds down into a double bed. This sleeps up to 2 people (or even more, if you squeeze!). This, combined with the elevating roof, gives you room for 4 sleeping arrangements.

Extra Perks

There’s also the option to do more with your Bongo. Some vehicles can handle extra storage and wardrobe space. Some can even get outfitted with a portable toilet.

This all depends on how long you’re wanting to stay in your van — and what you want to do with it! Whether you’re trying out #vanlife or just want a spacious ride, the Bongo’s got you covered.

How to Find a Quality Dealer for a New Mazda Bongo for Sale

So you’ve decided you want the Mazda Bongo. Where should you purchase it?

Be wary of purchasing a Bongo from a UK trader that buys from the UK market.

Bongos purchased in the UK get exposed to harsh winter roads and weather conditions. This makes the vehicle more tired and run-down. 

It’s important to buy from a dealer that gets fresh stock right from the Japanese market. Algys Autos provides a Japanese auction sheet for your confidence. This proves that it got imported right from Japan.

Try to find a dealer that can help you in the event you want upgrades, too. Algys Autos has a garage that can install any camping conversion a buyer wants. This means that all conversions are new, UK-compliant, and removable if wanted.

Off You Jolly-Well Go!

Now that you’re armed with all the necessary info, it’s time to find a new Mazda Bongo for sale! Japanese cars are undeniably popular and for good reason!

Is it time for you to join the Bongo craze?

We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate, and we’d like to keep the trend going with you. Give us a call today and let’s get you behind the wheel!


  • Viv| 15th February 2019 at 6:04 pm Reply

    Toyota turbo diesel auto wanted

    • algysadm| 15th February 2019 at 6:48 pm Reply


      the turbo diesel version is quite old and rare now if you want lower mileages. the petrol versions were manufactured for about 4 year after the diesel ceased. Check our stock on the ‘Stock’ link at the top of the page and email us to go on the Bongo email notifications by all means.

  • algysadm| 15th February 2019 at 2:59 pm Reply

    Hi, for a fitting of a new Elvating roof is aout £3k/ interior camper conversion will vary according to the spec required. Better to call the Bristol garage on 01179 382542 for the more accurare picture.
    Ref Bongo Vs Elgrand and Alphard. Bongo were the original weekender type camper and many of the flat packs were made for the Mazda Bongo. The Bongo finished in 2005 though and hence people that wanted something a little newer nowadays go for either the ALphard or Elgrand, they look very simialr and are direct rivals. we have about 60 on our website under stock. Again camper conversions are nowadays available and also elevating roof kits/ Check them out again with the Bristol Garage, they should be able to answer all those questions for you.
    Thanks for the enquiry
    Algys Autos

  • Mr .R Pesrce| 15th February 2019 at 12:53 pm Reply

    Could you give some indication of the cost of converting a bongo, to a mini sleeper with extended roof? Plus how do these vehicles compare the Alfard’s and Nissan Elgrands? Thanking you in anticipations Mr R. Pearce

  • Mr .R Pesrce| 15th February 2019 at 12:52 pm Reply

    Could you give some indication of the cost of converting a bongo, to a mini sleeper with extended roof? Plus how do these vehicles compare the Alford’s and Nissan Elgrands? Thanking you in anticipations Mr R. Pearce

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